Explainer: How did Bihar change the picture of farming by making a road map? Know the special features of the fourth agricultural road map..

Agriculture Road Map Of Bihar: The fourth agricultural road map of Bihar (krishi road map bihar) has been launched. It is worth more than one lakh thousand crore rupees and President Draupadi Murmu launched it on Wednesday. On this occasion, farmers and Jeevika Didi from all over the state had reached Bapu Auditorium in Patna and their importance was also explained to them. This road map will be for the year 2023 to 2028. In the program in Patna, the head of the state Nitish Kumar told that to what extent the fourth agricultural road map of Bihar will prove to be the most beneficial and after this will there be a need for the fifth road map also? Nitish Kumar also made a big claim on this. What is special in the fourth agricultural road map of Bihar and what benefits will the farmers get from it, know…

Bihar’s fourth agricultural road map launched

Bihar’s fourth agricultural road map was launched. Chief Minister of the state Nitish Kumar has said that if the work is done well under this road map, then the income of the farmers will increase further. CM said that the fourth road map was well prepared and everything has been taken into consideration. It is very broad. This will increase production and productivity as well as increase the income of farmers. On what would be the specialty of this roadmap, President Draupadi Murmu said that the productivity of paddy, wheat and maize in the state has almost doubled and this has happened due to the implementation of the last three agricultural road maps. Bihar is ahead in mushroom, honey, makhana and fish production. He said that now the fourth agricultural road map is an important step in taking it further. In the next five years, emphasis will be laid on issues like diversification of crops, better irrigation facilities, land and water conservation, climate friendly agriculture.

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Bihar is developing by making agricultural roadmap

Bihar is developing by making an agricultural roadmap. President Draupadi Murmu said this after launching the fourth agricultural road map of Bihar. CM Nitish Kumar said that in the year 2011-12, a farmer from Nalanda left China behind by creating a record in the yield per hectare in paddy production. A village in Nalanda also made a world record in the production of potatoes. CM said that between 2012 and 2017, many important works were done in the second roadmap and in this the production of fruits, milk, vegetables, eggs and fish increased. It was told that the tenure of the third roadmap was from 2017 to 2022 but it was extended by one year. Now work will be done on the roadmap of 2024. Whereas CM Nitish Kumar said that there will be no need for the fifth agricultural road map now.

What will happen in the fourth agricultural road map..?

  • The production of Dahlani and Tehelani crops will be increased. There would be minimal use of pesticides and emphasis would be placed on growing healthy grains.

  • A center of excellence will be set up in Gaya for research on soil and water conservation. Training will be given for farming according to the weather.

  • A target has been set to build ponds and check dams so that water can reach every farm.

  • Barren land will also be put to use. In this, cultivation of lemongrass and mentha will be promoted.

  • 100 seed hubs and 20 millet hubs will be created.

  • To increase the production of coarse grains, a mission will be created and the program will be run.

  • Secondary agriculture colleges will be opened for straw management and to provide remunerative prices to agricultural produce.

  • Secondary Agriculture College will open in Sabour, Bhagalpur. Here PG level education will be provided and M.Tech degree will be given.

  • Plant protection centers will be operated in PPP mode. Youth will also get employment in this field.

  • 4.80 lakh pump sets will get free electricity connections.

  • 31078 transformers will be distributed in agricultural feeders.

  • All 54 market committees and rural haats of the state will be modern.

  • Agricultural Marketing Directorate will be established.

  • 534 mobile veterinary units will operate.

  • 101 veterinary hospitals will open.

  • A new dairy plant will open in Gopalganj.

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History of Agriculture Road Map in Bihar…

It is noteworthy that when the then President APJ Abdul Kalam came to Bihar in the year 2006, he had said many important things regarding the future of agriculture and the future of the people of Bihar. At that time he had given big suggestions regarding agriculture. Whereas CM Nitish Kumar remained strongly in the news regarding this road map. Bihar government achieved progress in the field of agriculture by making a road map. The first agricultural road map was brought in the year 2008. In the year 2017, the then President Ramnath Kovind had launched the third road map. The second road map was started by the then President Pranab Mukherjee. In the first road map, the target of increasing the income of farmers was set. Work was done on preparing to serve ‘Bihari cuisine’ in the plate of every Indian. Along with seed production, efforts were made to increase the productivity of farmers. Bihar was very successful in the production of rice. Bihar was quite successful in the second agricultural roadmap. Krishi Karman Award was also seen near Bihar. On the third agricultural road map, emphasis was laid on organic farming. Now efforts will be made to connect farming with technology through the fourth agricultural road map.

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