‘Indian Superwoman’ showed amazing bravery, saved the life of an Israeli elderly, the whole country is saluting her bravery

Isail Hamas War: Two women from Kerala, who were taking care of an elderly couple during the Hamas attack in Israel, displayed extraordinary courage and bravery and saved their lives on October 7. The Israeli Embassy in India, in a post on the social media platform X, honored two women from Kerala, Savita and Meera Mohanan, calling them exceptionally courageous women of India (Indian Superwomen). The embassy also shared a viral video of Savita in which she told what happened after the surprise attack by the Hamas group on October 7.

Israel honored bravery

In her video message, Savita clearly described the tragic incident when she and Mohanan bravely protected themselves and the elderly couple they were taking care of. The message said that the latch of the door of the security room inside the house was broken. He held it tightly. Despite the hail of bullets, he did not lose courage and courageously prevented the attackers from entering inside. Savita told that the woman of the couple under whose care she was suffering from ALS disease related to the nervous system.

Israeli elderly man’s life saved in attack

He told that at around 6.30 in the morning the sound of siren was heard after which he went to the security room. After this, a call came from the couple’s daughter in which she told that the situation in the area has gone out of control and all the doors of the house should be closed. Savita, who has been working in Israel for three years, said that after some time she heard the sound of terrorists entering the house. During this, sounds of firing and breaking of glass were heard. He said that we called his daughter again and asked what to do. He asked us to hold the handle of the door of the security room.

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Kept fighting the attackers

Savita said that both of us held the handle for about four and a half hours while the attackers were firing bullets demanding to open the door. He said that terrorists had entered our house at 7.30 in the morning. He ruined everything in the house. We don’t know what was going on in the house. At about one o’clock we heard more gunfire. The elderly man told that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have come to save us. He said that after the IDF arrived, they all went outside and saw that the items inside the house had been destroyed and looted. They have nothing, even Meera’s passport was looted. Savita said that neither of them had seen such a scene before.

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