Surya Gochar 2023: Sun will transit in Libra, know what effect it will have on Indian climate and politics

Surya Transit 2023: Sun has transited in Libra, its transit will have a very negative impact on normal life as well as climate. It will have a direct impact on a person’s life and will affect his health. In this holy month of Navratri, the worship of Mother Goddess is celebrated with great pomp and show. In almost all the houses, Mother Goddess is worshiped, but on the day when the fourth form of Goddess Kushmanda is celebrated. On the same day, the Sun transited in its lowest sign, Libra, according to astrology, if the Sun is placed with auspicious planets or in the sign of an auspicious planet, then its effect is very beneficial.

Rain is expected in some parts of Bihar

On the other hand, if the Sun is sitting in a debilitated sign and is in conjunction with a debilitated planet, it has a more painful effect. When the Sun is debilitated, its rays become brighter. At present, the low position of the Sun in autumn is the result of Indian climate change. If there is rain at some places, it will be heavy, there is a forecast of rain in some parts of Bihar, while there may be heavy rain in Delhi and Kashmir. After the rain, there will be sunshine. Very fast which will affect the health of the person. The incidence of seasonal diseases will increase. Old people and children will all be troubled by cold, cough and fever. At this time, people will become victims of accidental accidents in many ways. Sun going into low zodiac sign means increase in inflation, its effect will be seen on oilseeds and pulses.

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The presence of Sun along with Mars will cause trouble for the country and the world.

Food items will also increase. Ketu is already sitting with Mars in Libra. When Ketu and Sun are sitting together in any zodiac sign, many types of defects are created. Due to the presence of Sun with Mars, the country will become troublesome for the world. . There is a war somewhere, people working in the political field need to be alert, due to the sun being low, it will have a huge impact on Indian politics. Small political parties will break up and merge with other parties.

The opposition party will continue to dominate

Will blame each other. This will impact the upcoming 5 state elections. The dominance of the party officials who are corrupt leaders will reduce. Top leaders who are facing legal action should control their speech, the opposition party will continue to dominate the dignity of the Prime Minister of India, but no significant results will be achieved. Adverse effects of this transit will be seen in the field of industry. Iron, electronics and electric industries will go into recession.


(1) On Sunday, fill a copper or brass pot with water and add red sandalwood and red flowers to Lord Surya and offer Ardha to the rising Sun to get benefit.

(2) Feed jaggery to the cow on Sunday.

(3) On Sunday, chant one rosary of Surya’s mantra Om Suryay Namah.

(4)Donate wheat on Sunday

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