minimum support price of wheat

The central government has announced an increase of Rs 150 in the minimum support price or MSP for wheat. This is the biggest increase since the Narendra Modi government came to power in 2014. The MSP of wheat has been increased by seven percent to Rs 2,275 per quintal for the market year 2024-25. Wheat has a special importance for the farmers in India, which is the most important part of the daily diet in India after rice. The announcement of increasing the MSP of wheat also indicates that the government wants to increase the reserve stock of wheat for the next year so that any sudden rise in its prices can be controlled.

There is a risk because according to reports, the government has been able to purchase less wheat than the target in the last two crop years. Apart from decreasing production, this decrease is also due to farmers getting better prices from other sources. The government claims that the MSP announced now is more than the cost to the farmers. But, once again some farmer organizations are raising questions on this. He says that due to increase in the prices of fertilizers and diesel, their costs have increased, which was not taken into account. He also says that there should be more increase in MSP and due to this not happening, the yield is decreasing. One of the complaints from the farmers regarding MSP is that it is announced but the purchase is not done due to which the farmers are forced to go to the middlemen.

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The system of MSP, which was brought in with the aim of protecting farmers from insecurity, has been very important for Indian agriculture. With this, the farmer gets a guarantee of a fixed price for the purchase of his crop and in case of market collapse, he can sell the produce to the government at this pre-announced price. Food security is a very important topic for the whole world including India. Recently, due to the impact on wheat supply after the Ukraine war, there was a shortage of flour in many countries including neighboring Pakistan. It is necessary for Annadata farmers to produce crops in their fields with full enthusiasm and at full capacity, not only for the farmers but also for the self-reliance of the country. In such a situation, for effective operation of the MSP system, the prices should be decided taking all the parties into confidence so that the farmers also get benefits and the food security of the country can also be ensured.

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