Crest Olympiads: Registration starts for 2023-24 session, see complete details here

Crest Olympiads: India’s newest Olympiad has restarted for young students and aims to build a strong foundation of fundamental concepts and foster critical thinking skills among young minds. CREST Olympiad is a prestigious academic competition for which registration has started. Students from more than 40 countries have been invited to participate in this exciting program. Olympiad provides a platform to young minds to showcase their knowledge and skills in various subjects including Mathematics, Science, English and other subjects, making it a truly global platform to showcase talent and intelligence.

Students were invited from all over the world

Students from all over the world are invited to participate in this highly competitive and intellectually stimulating program. With a wide range of subjects and challenging questions, Crest Olympiad provides students with the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills against their peers at an international level.

What the Director of CREST Olympiad said

Nitin Godawat, Director of Crest Olympiad, says, I am extremely happy to start the Olympiad for those children who are the future of our country. Encouraging children and giving them the path to success plays an important role in CREST Olympiad. Seeing students succeed motivates us.

Recognition to top 50% students

Talking about awards for students who excel in these Olympiads, different criteria have been set for zonal and international toppers. From trophies to gold, silver and bronze medals, the top 50% students are recognized.

Register from this link

CREST Olympiad has started registration for 2023-24, and also exam dates for CMO, CSO, CEO, CRO, CCO, CSBW etc. But have been declared.

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The examination for each subject will be conducted on different dates so that students can apply for two or more subjects. The CREST Olympiad dates according to the subjects are as follows:

  • CREST Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) – 2nd and 22nd December 2023 for Level 1 and 6th February 2024 for Level 2.

  • CREST International Spell Bee (CSBW) Winter Round – 9th & 20th January 2024 for Level 1

  • CREST English Olympiad (CEO) – 29 November and 9 December 2023 for Level 1 and 30 January 2024 for Level 2.

  • Crest Science (CSO) – 5th and 16th December 2023 for Level 1 and 2nd February 2024 for Level 2.

  • CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO) – 13 January & 25 January 2024 for Level 1.

  • CREST Cyber ​​Olympiad (CCO) – 11th & 23rd January 2024 for Level 1.

olympiad time

The timing of all these Olympiads will be between 11 am to 7 pm. On scheduled exam dates. This means that students can give this Olympiad from home any time during the time slot. The fee for Indian school students is Rs 225, while the fee for international students is US$15. Sacrest Olympiad has multiple payment options to accept fees in various international currencies. The online registration link for CREST Olympiads is

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