Decorate your health plate with these winter season vegetables

Winter Vegetables

As the winter season begins, our plates are filled with delicious vegetables, which add colour, taste and nutrition to our meals. Here are some vegetables which are enjoyed a lot in this season.


Pumpkin is a type of vegetable, which is found in different sizes and colors. Pumpkin can be consumed alone or with other vegetables.


Carrot is one of the most favorite vegetables of winter season. By consuming it, eye health can be improved and it is rich in Vitamin A, which helps in maintaining the glow of the skin. Carrot is one of the beneficial warming vegetables and its consumption is beneficial in cold weather.


Cauliflower is a favorite vegetable in the markets which is available cold. It is a nutritious and tasty vegetable. Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and folate.


Beetroot is a vegetable which is naturally red or pink in color. It is beneficial for health because it contains vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds.


Radish is a very tasty and nutritious vegetable in cold weather. It contains vitamin C, iron, and fiber.


Peas are a nutritious vegetable, which is found in the form of small round grains. Small but mighty peas are rich in protein and fiber.


Turnip is also a good winter vegetable, which is a good source of Vitamin C. Its consumption increases the ability to fight common fever in winter and strengthens the immune system.

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