Education Department stopped counseling of teachers in Bihar, know what instructions the selected candidates got now

Patna. The education department has become alarmed when candidates recommended for the post of school teacher by Bihar Public Service Commission misspelled their name and Aadhaar number or wrote other discrepancies during counselling. Director of Secondary Education Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava has asked the District Education Officers to put such candidates in the With Holt category. Such candidates should be asked to provide any one of two special documents.

Receive and submit verification report

The Secondary Director has given instructions that the candidate should be asked to submit the verification report from the District Officer of the district of which he is a permanent resident (the same address of permanent resident which he has filled in the application form of Bihar Public Service Commission). Secondly, if he cannot provide this paper, then he should prepare an affidavit counter signed by a judicial magistrate of any category, in which prior details regarding his identity have been given. Only if both these documents are received before 31st October, they should be invited for counselling.

The department is suspecting this

It has been said in the departmental letter that the department is not able to satisfy itself that the selected candidates who are coming for counselling, have appeared for the school teacher examination. Director of Secondary Education Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava has written to all the district education officers that in these circumstances, there is difficulty in establishing the identity of the candidates with certainty. In a situation where the identity of the candidate is not being verified in a beyond doubt manner.

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Selected candidates are even writing their names wrong

In a letter written by Director of Secondary Education Srivastava to the District Education Officer, it has been told that during the counselling, many problems are coming to the fore at the district level. In this, the candidate wrote his name wrongly in the application for the school teacher examination of Bihar Public Service Commission or a mistake was found in his spelling. Secondly, the candidate has entered some wrong digits of his Aadhaar number in the BPSC exam application. Thirdly, a difference has been registered between the name in the BPSC application filled by the candidate and the name given in the Aadhaar card. Apart from this, many other cases have also been found suspicious.

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