Gaganyan Mission: Crew model of Gaganyaan Mission launched, ISRO gets success in second attempt

Gaganyan Mission Testing: The whole country is keeping an eye on the launching of Gaganyaan Mission Crew Module. After being put on hold, it was launched at ten o’clock. An anomaly in the test spacecraft carrying payloads associated with the ambitious Gaganyaan human space flight program was detected, rectified and launched. This information was given by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Earlier, ISRO wrote on the social media platform ‘X’ that the reason for stopping the launch has been found out and it has been rectified. The launch will take place at 10 am. Let us tell you that the launch of the rocket was earlier scheduled for 8 am, but later it was postponed twice for a total of 45 minutes. ISRO chief S. Somnath then told that due to some discrepancy the launch could not take place as per the schedule. He said that the engine of TV-D1 rocket could not be started as per the prescribed procedure.

What did ISRO chief Somnath say?

Earlier, regarding the launch of the first test vehicle under the Gaganyaan human spaceflight mission, Somnath said that we have to find out what went wrong, is the vehicle safe. Soon after analysis it will be told what caused the interruption in the automatic launch.

Why the change in time?

The reason for changing the timing was not known earlier, but sources had said that it might have been done due to rain and cloudy weather. Immediately after the announcement of the time change, the countdown clock displayed on the monitor of the Satish Dhawan Space Center was removed. Let us tell you that the 13-hour countdown was started from 7 pm on Friday evening.

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What is the goal of ISRO?

ISRO is moving towards its ambitious program ‘Gaganyaan’ to send humans into space through this launch of a single-stage liquid propellant rocket. During this time, tests will be conducted to ensure the safety of astronauts through the first ‘Ku module’. ISRO aims to send humans into space in a 400 km low Earth orbit for the three-day Gaganyaan mission and bring them back safely to Earth.

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