‘There has been 65% reduction in incidents of terrorism, Naxalism and extremism’, said Home Minister Amit Shah.

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Saturday that there has been a 65 percent decline in incidents of terrorism, Naxalism (left-wing extremism) and extremism in the Northeast. He said peace is now being established in the three “sensitive areas” of the country – LWE (left-wing extremism-affected states), North-East and Jammu and Kashmir. The Home Minister paid tribute to the martyrs at the National Police Memorial here on ‘Police Memorial Day’. After paying tribute, while addressing the people present, he said that the Narendra Modi led government has made strict laws while maintaining the policy of zero tolerance for terrorism.

  • He said that the government has worked towards modernizing the police force by setting up ‘Police Technology Mission’ to make it the best anti-terrorism force in the world. Amit Shah said that the Modi-led government has introduced three bills in Parliament for comprehensive changes in the criminal justice system. He said that these three bills will replace 150 years old laws and will guarantee the constitutional rights of all citizens. He said that the proposed law will have a reflection of Indianness.

  • Shah said, “Thanks to the efforts and achievements of the police personnel, there has been a 65 percent reduction in the incidents of terrorism, left-wing extremism and extremism in the North-East.” He said that whether it is fighting terrorists, stopping crime, dealing with huge crowds. Be it maintaining law and order or protecting people by acting as a shield in times of disaster, policemen have proven themselves in every situation. Amit Shah said that internal and border security of any country is not possible without a vigilant police system.

  • Referring to the role of policemen in the disaster, he said that in the past, through NDRF (National Disaster Response Force), the personnel of various police forces have earned name all over the world in disaster management. He said, “No matter how big a disaster is, when NDRF personnel reach there, people believe that there will be no problem now because NDRF has arrived.” Amit Shah said that Modi. The government led by PM is working towards improving many schemes being run for the welfare of police personnel by making changes from time to time.

  • He said that the Central Government is dedicated to the welfare of all the personnel and is concerned about their safety. Paying tribute to the 36,250 policemen who sacrificed their lives while serving the nation since Independence, he said that this police memorial is not just a symbol but also recognizes the sacrifice and dedication of the policemen towards nation building.

  • On October 21, 1959, 10 policemen were martyred in the line of duty during an ambush by heavily armed Chinese soldiers in Hot Springs, Ladakh. Since then, ‘Police Memorial Day’ is celebrated every year on 21 October in honor of these martyrs and all other policemen killed in the line of duty.

  • To recognize the sacrifices made by police personnel and their supreme role in maintaining national security and integrity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the National Police Memorial (NPM) to the nation at Chanakyapuri here on ‘Police Memorial Day’ in 2018. The memorial consists of a central sculpture figure, ‘Shaurya Deewar’ and a museum. The museum has been conceptualized as a historical and evolving exhibition on policing in India.

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