Aligarh: Ravana will laugh before burning, his neck will rotate and golden Lanka will be visible, Muslim family prepared in a special way

Aligarh News: Aligarh: Preparations for Ravana Dahan have started across the country on Dussehra. At the same time, in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh, an effigy of Ravana is ready for burning during Dussehra. Preparations for this effigy were being done for the last one month. The one who prepared it is a Muslim family, who has been making effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran, Meghnath etc. for the last three generations. The women of his family also support him in this work. Ashfaq, a resident of Bulandshahr, is camping with his 12-member family at the exhibition ground in Aligarh. Ashfaq has been making an effigy of Ravana on Dussehra for the last three generations. They are busy preparing wholeheartedly for organizing Dussehra at the exhibition grounds. Ashfaq’s family has been busy preparing the effigies for a month, so that a message can be given to the society about the victory of good over evil during Dussehra. The effigy, which is prepared after a month of hard work, takes a few seconds to burn. To make this, Ashfaq does his ancestral work with great dedication. Ashfaq says that he is not concerned with money. But, when there is applause, the morale increases. However, due to inflation, making the effigy is now becoming costly for Ashfaq, last year he had incurred a loss of Rs 50 thousand.

Ashfaq’s family members making an effigy

Ashfaq breathes life into Ravana’s effigy

This time in Dussehra, Ashfaq is going to show something new to the people in Aligarh, in which Lord Ram will be seen killing Ravana with the Shakti arrow. Apart from this, Ravana will be seen laughing and Ravana’s shield will be seen rotating. At the same time, people will also see the spectacle of Lanka Dahan in this Dussehra. Ashfaq has tried his best to bring life to Ravana.

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Artisans making mannequins in the exhibition grounds

Hindu festivals are their livelihood

In this Dussehra, Ashfaq performs the task of Krishna Leela of Agra after making effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghnath. At the same time, when he returns home, he gets bookings for weddings, in which he works as a firecracker. Being a Muslim, on making effigies related to Hindu festivals, Ashfaq says that this gives us courage. This is our livelihood. He said that Hindus and Muslims are equal for us. Ashfaq said that we are not concerned with discrimination, we are concerned with work.

When there is applause, morale increases

Regarding Dussehra, Ashfaq tells that he has worked from Delhi to Nagpur. We have worked in Mumbai, Surat, Haryana and this boosts our morale to present the program in a good manner so that the public applauds. There is no point in saving money. He told that when there is applause, the morale increases.

Taking the work forward for three generations

Ashfaq’s younger brother Shaukat Ali is also carrying forward the work that has been going on for three generations. Shaukat says that inflation is higher than last year. Earlier, 20 bamboos were available for Rs 700, now the price has become Rs 900. Waste, paper, adhesives, everything has become expensive. There was also a loss last year. The material for making the effigy is mostly taken from Aligarh, the rest of the material is taken from Delhi and Agra. He told that this time something new will be seen in Ravana Dahan. In which Ravana’s neck will rotate and Ravana will laugh and people will also get to see his golden Lanka, which will have 12 doors and demons will be seen running away. This golden Lanka will be shown burning.

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Waiting for Hindu festival

Being a Muslim, on participating in Hindu festivals, Shaukat says that this is our work and we feel happy. We don’t have any allergies. This is our livelihood. We feel happy that this supports our daily bread. We wait for this for a whole year. He said that Dussehra symbolizes the victory of truth over untruth. When Ravana had done a wrong thing, he was punished for it. He had kidnapped Sitaji. Ram destroyed Ravana. Shaukat says that one should follow the path of religion. The country is ours, there should never be any Hindu-Muslim discrimination. This is the trick of leaders.

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