Congress will fight Azam Khan’s battle, Congress President Ajay Rai said, will strengthen the organization by dividing UP into 6 zones.

Bareilly : Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee State President Ajay Rai claimed to fight the battle of SP leader Muhammad Azam Khan. He may be in SP, but we will fight his battle. He was talking to the media in Bareilly on Sunday. Said Congress is the old home of Muslims. He accused BJP that the BJP government is continuously filing cases against Muhammad Azam Khan out of revenge and bad intentions. Due to which he is in jail. Congress sympathizes with him. We will fight shoulder to shoulder. Congress State President Shah Sharafat Mian had come to Bareilly from Varanasi on the news of the demise of Dargah’s Sajjadanashin Shah Muhammad Saqlain Mian. He reached Dargah Shah Sharafat Mian and paid his last respects to Hazrat Shah Saqlain. Expressed grief after meeting his son Ghazi Mian. State President also handed over a letter from Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi expressed regret on the demise of Shah Muhammad Saqlain Mian. State President of Congress said that Congress should be strengthened before the Lok Sabha elections. Every worker is busy trying to do this. He said that the organization will be strengthened by dividing UP into 6 zones. All meetings including West, Purvanchal, Awadh and Bundelkhand have been held on June 6. Dialogue is being held with the workers of every area. Regarding the district organization and the metropolitan organization, he said that the organization will be strengthened afresh. The workers who struggle for the party will be brought into the main role. He said that changes will be made in the organization soon. Said about. He said that the new organization will be seen fighting strongly in the Lok Sabha. During this, National Secretary Tauqeer Alam, Jitendra Kashyap, District President Mirza Ashfaq Saqlaini, Aslam Chaudhary, Dr. KB Tripathi, Haji Uwais Khan, Dr. Mehndi Hasan, Salim Akhtar, Zia Urrahman etc. Congressmen were present.

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Said this about Kamal Nath..

In response to the continuous political attack by SP leaders on former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, the Congress State President said that Kamal Nath is a senior leader of our party. He said that whatever Ram Gopal Yadav has said would be his thinking. SP President refused to comment on Akhilesh Yadav. He avoided saying anything on the harsh remarks of SP National President. However, when asked a lot, he said that respect is not expected from him. He claims to have studied in renowned schools abroad and in the country. But, he could not learn to respect others. Everyone knows how he treated his father Mulayam Singh Yadav and uncle Shivpal Yadav. He said, I am speaking on the basis of all facts. I have not said anything from my side.

Report: Muhammad Sajid

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