Jharkhand: Mother Kuleshwari protects the womb and family, also corrects the child’s slant eye.

Chatra, Deenbandhu: The temple of Maa Kuleshwari is situated on the Kuleshwari mountain of Hunterganj block of Chatra. Mother Kuleshwari is also said to be the protector of mothers’ womb and clan. “Rakshetkuleshwari” has also been mentioned in Durga Saptashati. This is a Shaktipeeth. This place is known as Kolhua Mountain, Kuleshwari Mountain and Maa Kuleshwari Mountain. It is believed that whatever devotee makes a wish here with a true heart, Mother Kuleshwari definitely fulfills it. Especially devotees come here to pray for the birth of a child. After the fulfillment of the vow, the devotees come along with their children and worship the mother and perform the Mundan Sanskar. There is a belief that if a child’s eyes become slant then it gets cured by praying to Mother Kuleshwari. When the child’s eyes are cured, the devotees offer an eye made of gold or silver equal to the mother’s eye.

It is the meeting place of three religions

The famous Siddha Peetha Maa Kuleshwari temple is located 15 kilometers east of Hunterganj block headquarters. The confluence of three religions on the top of Kauleshwari mountain is considered to be the confluence of Sanatan, Buddhism and Jainism. During the Mahabharata period, this place was the capital of King Virat. It was the pious King Virat who had installed the statue of Mother Kuleshwari on the mountain. This holy place is also associated with the epic period and ancient times. Sanatani people come here to perform puja and perform the marriage and head shaving ceremony of children. For Buddhists, Kuleshwari mountain has been the sacred place of Lord Buddha as well as a sacred place for attaining salvation. “Dr. MA Stin” and “Jain scholars” believe that Sheetalnath ji, the 10th Tirthankara of Jains, was born on this mountain peak. He did meditation here. There is a cave near the temple, in which the statue of the 23rd Jain Tirthankara Parshvanath can be seen. There are snakes wrapped around the neck of his statue. Mahapuran author “Acharya Jansen” had also made it his place of meditation. At many places on the mountain, many figures related to Jainism and Buddhism are seen carved in stones.

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Mahabharata period Shiva temple

There is a Shivalinga of Mahabharata period on Maa Kuleshwari mountain. It is believed that Pandavas had worshiped Lord Shiva during their exile. Pandavas were in exile on this mountain with Panchali. Everyone used to take bath in the present lake and perform Jalabhishek to Lord Shiva. Now a grand temple has been constructed in place of Shivalinga. At present, devotees perform bhajan kirtan throughout the night in this Shiva temple. There is a natural lake on the mountain itself for Jalabhishek on Lord Shiva. Devotees take bath and offer the wet body water to Lord Shiva.

  • The temple of Maa Kuleshwari is situated on the Kauleshwari mountain of Chatra.

  • “Rakshetkuleshwari” has also been mentioned in Durga Saptashati.

  • It is believed that the slant eye of a child can also be cured by the grace of the mother.

  • The water of the lake located on the mountain never dries up

  • Ropeway will be built at a cost of one billion to reach Kauleshwari mountain.

This is how to reach for Mother’s darshan

There are two ways to reach Maa Kuleshwari Mountain. It can be reached by turning right from Gaya NH going from Bansingh of Jori block of Chatra and crossing Nedho river via Dantar village. The second route can be taken from Hunterganj block headquarters of the district via Kedli village on the right side and crossing Niranjana or Falgu river and directly going to Kolhua mountain. It is 45 kilometers from Gaya International Airport and only 25 kilometers from Dobhi (GT Road). Kauleshwari mountain is 15 kilometers from Hunterganj and 37 kilometers from Chatra headquarters. This mountain is situated at a height of 1575 feet above sea level. There is a plan to construct a ropeway to reach Maa Kuleshwari temple located in Kolhua mountain of Hunterganj. The Tourism Department has approved this. The members of the Tourism Department and the ropeway construction company have completed the survey work.

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