Ordered Paneer Chilli on Swiggy, sent Chicken Chilli, man fell ill after eating it; Know the whole matter

Swiggy delivered Chilli Chicken in place of Chilli Paneer : Online food delivery company Swiggy is once again in the news for its service. Actually, the case is from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, where a person had ordered vegetarian food from Swiggy on his smartphone, but when he opened the order, it turned out to be non-vegetarian food. After this incident, the user reported it on Swiggy’s helpline. After not getting any satisfactory answer, he filed a case against the restaurant operator and the Swiggy delivery boy, accusing them of hurting religious sentiments.

What is the matter?

According to the report, the victim, a resident of Ashiana area of ​​Lucknow, had ordered Dry Chilli Paneer (Veg) from online food delivery app Swiggy, but the Swiggy delivery boy delivered Dry Chilli Chicken (Non-Veg). In a house where even the mention of non-vegetarian food is prohibited, just imagine what kind of atmosphere would have arisen in the house when non-vegetarian food reached there! When no satisfactory response was received after reporting this on Swiggy’s helpline, the victim filed a case against the operator of the Chinese fusion restaurant located in Alambagh and the Swiggy delivery boy.

crossed the limits of negligence

The restaurant crossed the limits of negligence by delivering non-veg food instead of veg to a Brahmin family. If reports are to be believed, the lady of the house fell ill due to the smell of the dish ordered through Swiggy. It is being told that the victim is a contractor by profession. He lives with his family in Ashiana Sector I. According to the victim, he had ordered dry chilli paneer from a local Chinese fusion restaurant. After some time the delivery boy delivered the order.

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swiggy sent chilli chicken instead of chilli paneer

‘As soon as I put the first piece in my mouth, I felt something different’

The victim Swiggy user said that as soon as he put the first piece of food in his mouth, he felt something different. On this he called his wife and showed her. As soon as the smell of the food confirmed that it was a non-vegetarian dish, the wife’s health deteriorated. At the same time, the victim is also reported to vomit after accidentally eating a piece of meat. Actually the restaurant owners had sent him chilli chicken instead of chilli paneer. When he reported this on Swiggy’s helpline, he did not get any satisfactory response, so he reached Ashiana police station and registered a case. The delivery boy has also been made an accused in this. According to the victim, after complaining to the police, the restaurant operator and the cook have admitted their mistake.

What are the legal provisions in such cases?

This is not the first case of a restaurant serving non-veg food instead of veg. In such a situation, it is natural for the customer’s condition to deteriorate. In many cases, eating such food leads to ill health and hospitalization. In such cases, the Hurting Religious Sentiments and Food Security Act applies. Apart from this, there is also the issue of serving bad food. Apart from this, there are provisions for both fine and punishment if found guilty of deliberately serving wrong food.

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