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Aaj Ka Rashifal 23 October 2023: There will be an increase in the income of people of Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, today’s horoscope.

Today’s Almanac: Monday 23 October 2023

Ashwin Shukla Paksha Navami Day-03:10 after Dashami

Shri Shubh Samvat-2080, Shake-1945, Hijri Year-1444-45

Sunrise: 06:13

Sunset: 17:27

Moonrise: 14:04

Moonset: 25:03

auspicious time

Abhijeet: 11:28 − 12:12

Amrit Kalam: 07:18 − 08:48

After listening to Nakshatra during sunrise, Dhanishtha, Yoga-Shool, Karan-Kau,

Planetary thoughts during sunrise – Sun-Libra, Moon- Capricorn, Mars-Libra, Mercury-Libra, Jupiter-Aries, Venus-Leo, Saturn-Aquarius, Rahu-Aries, Ketu-Libra

Today’s Panchang: 23 October 2023: Choghadiya Monday

06:13 am to 07:37 am Amrit (all types of work, especially milk product related)

07:37 am to 09:01 am (machine, construction and agricultural activities)

Auspicious from 09:01 am to 10:25 am (marriage, religious, education activities)

10:25 am to 11:49 am Disease (debate, competition, dispute settlement)

Afternoon: 14:49 to 13:13 Udveg (Government related work)

Afternoon: 13:13 to 14:38 Chara (travel, beauty, dance, cultural activities)

Afternoon: 14:38 to 16:02 Profit (Start new business, education)

Evening: 16:02 to 17:26 Amrit All types of work (especially milk product related)


Remedy: Burn camphor every morning and evening at home during Sandhyavandan.

Worship: “Om Jayanti Mangalakali Bhadrakali Kapalini. Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Swaha Swadha Namostute”.

Auspicious time for shopping:

Evening: 04:30 to 06:00

Rahu Kaal: 7:38 am to 9:02 am

Directional-east and southeast

..Ath Rashi Falam..

  • Aries: Your family will be angry with your behaviour. It is important to implement your action plan and decisions. You will get success in pending work. There will be profit in capital investment. The mind will be happy with the progress of the child.

    Lucky Number- 1 Lucky Color- Yellow

  • Taurus: Audacity in investing can be harmful. Your bravery will be appreciated at the workplace. Due to increase in business, work will be completed as per plans.

    Lucky number-2 Lucky color- Blue

  • Gemini: The beginning of the day will be busy. Children will move towards a bright future. Do not do any work in haste. Business will do well. Income will increase.

    Lucky Number-3 Lucky Color- Sky Blue

  • Cancer zodiac sign: You will improve the situation in business with your intelligence. You will get expected success in your work business. Try to achieve your desired position in job.

    Lucky Number- 9 Lucky Color- Yellow

  • Leo sun sign: Matters related to building and land will be resolved through agreement. Income will increase. There may be discord with father. Be honest towards your work. There are chances of promotion in job.

    Lucky number- 8 Lucky color- Maroon

  • Virgo sun sign: There will be a desire to do some work. Religious faith will increase. The problem can be solved with the help of friends. There are chances of progress in business. Stay away from love affairs.

    Lucky Number- 7 Lucky Color- Blue

  • Libra: Don’t be sad yourself after seeing the happiness of others. Stay away from unnecessary ostentation and ostentation. Financial investment will be profitable. The time is favourable. Make good use of it.

    Lucky number- 3 Lucky color- Sky blue

  • Scorpio: You will feel like starting a new business with friends. Understand the feelings of your spouse. Business situation will be promising. You can get presents and gifts.

    Lucky number- 8 Lucky color- Maroon

  • Sagittarius: The day is auspicious. The economic aspect will be strong. Family happiness and wealth will increase. Interest in studies will increase. Many difficulties can be overcome with cleverness. Do not get unnecessarily angry at your spouse.

    Lucky number- 4 Lucky color- White

  • Capricorn: Will participate in some religious events. There are chances of success in competition. There will be important discussions in the family. Business will do well. The financial situation will be pleasant.

    Lucky Number- 7 Lucky Color- Blue

  • Aquarius: Will participate in the auspicious events of the family. The work done earlier will be fruitful. Financial situation will be good. Do not delay in taking decision regarding marriage.

    Lucky Number- 2 Lucky Color- Blue

  • Pisces: The work done with complete policy will be according to you. You will benefit due to new business contracts and agreements. Will get respect in social work. Don’t be in a hurry to purchase permanent property.

    Lucky Number- 9 Lucky Color- Yellow

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