Bihar Pollution Board issued rules regarding idol immersion, immersion will take place at these places in Patna

Bihar government has issued a rule regarding idol immersion on the occasion of Sharadiya Navratri 2023. In which the local administration and puja committees have been made aware of their responsibilities. Bihar Government has issued this notification regarding idol immersion under the powers granted in the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 (6 of 1974). In this, compliance with the instructions issued for idol immersion under the Bihar (Idol Immersion Process after Puja) Rules 2021 has been made legally binding.

Responsibilities of puja committees

  • Every puja committee shall ensure that puja materials like flowers and other decorative materials made of paper and plastic are removed before immersion of the idols and bio-degradable materials are separated for disposal as per Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 .

  • Every puja committee will ensure that arrangements are made for safe and environment-friendly idol immersion.

  • Every puja committee will ensure that the revised guidelines for idol construction and immersion issued by the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi on May 12, 2020, are strictly followed regarding idol immersion.

Responsibility of local body and district administration

  • Idol immersion will take place in artificial ponds. There will be a complete ban on idol immersion in any stream.

  • Creating artificial ponds for immersion of idols in such a large number that it is sufficient to avoid crowding and reduce the pollution load.

  • Tagging/marking artificial ponds/immersion sites with puja committee.

  • Notifying artificial ponds/immersion sites and informing all puja committees/public about it.

  • The immersion of idols will be done as per the time table prescribed by the police authority or the district authority.

  • Prohibiting the burning of solid waste generated at the immersion site such as flowers, clothes, decoration materials etc.

  • To ensure that the remains of idols, accumulated debris, straw or jute rope etc. and all other waste materials related to immersion of idols are removed within 48 hours of immersion of idols and transported to the solid waste collection site, if any. The idol is not collected for re-use by makers or others.

  • To ensure that biodegradable materials are removed before discharge and the concerned local body can utilize these materials for composting and other useful purposes.

  • To report any violation of these rules by the puja committee/organization to the Bihar State Pollution Control Board.

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Four temporary ponds in Patna

This year, four temporary ponds have been built by the Municipal Corporation for idol immersion in Patna. Of these, two are built at Patipul and Minar Ghat in Digha, one at Law College Ghat and one at Bhadra Ghat in Patna City.

Immersion will take place in these ponds

  • Minar Ghat: Here a 70×50 meter pit has been made on the banks of Ganga, which is six to eight feet deep. Ganga water was being filled in it since Saturday morning. The workers working here said that the pond will be completely completed by night and ready for immersion. 40 statues can be immersed here simultaneously.

  • Patipul: Here a 40×20 meter pit has been made on the banks of Ganga, which is six to eight feet deep. It will be filled with Ganga water from Sunday morning and by night it will be a temporary pond and will be completely ready for immersion. 20 statues can be immersed there simultaneously.

  • Bhadra Ghat: On this ghat situated in Patna city, instead of the banks of Ganga, the ghat is being built by enclosing the water from three sides within the river Ganga. Its length will be 50 feet along the ghat and its width will be about 20 feet from the ghat towards the river. The construction of the access road is being done here, which was in the final stage on Saturday and the officials associated with the construction work were saying that it would be completed till late evening. From Sunday, the river will be barricaded on three sides by using bamboo bats and the barricade will be completely packed with plastic sheets.

  • Law College Ghat: Here too, the river will be barricaded on three sides by using bamboo sticks and plastic sheets will be placed on the barricading and it will be completely packed. Work will start here from Sunday morning and the immersion pond will be ready by Monday. The depth of water here will be five to six feet, in which small idols will drown, but a part of the big idols will remain out of the water.

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