chandra grahan 2023 last lunar eclipse of year will bring good luck to these zodiac sign weekly horoscope saptahik rashifal sry

Chandragrahan 2023 Rashi Effect: This time in this last week of October, the festival of Sharad Purnima will be celebrated under the shadow of lunar eclipse. On this day, according to Chinta Haran Jantri, the lunar eclipse will occur at 1.05 pm. After that Madhya will be at 1.44 minutes and Moksha will be at 2.24 minutes. Due to this, Sutak will start from 1.05 pm itself. Therefore, on Sharad Purnima, other programs including worship will be organized during the day itself. Also, this week Chaturgrahi Yoga is being formed in Libra. Therefore, Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Ketu will be present in Libra. The calculation of Tarot cards is showing that people of Aries and Aquarius zodiac signs are likely to get success and financial benefits this week. Let us know in detail how this week will be for all the zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces:

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