Notorious gangster Aman Singh was acquitted with the help of policemen, his associates were also acquitted

Ranchi, Pranav: Gangster Aman Singh of Koyalanchal, his associate Abhinav Pratap Singh of Uttar Pradesh, Sunil Nishad and Ravi Thakur, accused in the threat and extortion case due to two constables posted in Bank Mod police station of Dhanbad not giving testimony, have been arrested by the lower court of Dhanbad due to lack of evidence. Was acquitted. Taking this matter seriously, DGP Ajay Kumar Singh got the preliminary investigation done by CID. Investigation revealed that the complainant in the case, SI Inderjit Kumar Rana, had filed an FIR against the said people at Bank Mod police station on January 30, 2021. In this, Dhanbad District Force constable Deepak Kumar Singh and constable Irfan Ahmed were made witnesses. However, in this case only SI Inderjit Kumar Rana testified in the court. Case researcher Ajay Kumar also did not testify. Apart from these, both the constables also did not appear in the court for testimony.

During CID interrogation, constable Irfan Ahmed, while presenting his side, said that he did not get the warrant. That means, they did not get information about when they have to testify. Whereas another constable Deepak Kumar Singh gave a statement that the signature shown in his name as a witness is not his. That means his signature is fake. The prosecution could not even prove the electronic evidence in the court. For the above reasons, the lower court of Dhanbad acquitted Aman Singh and his associates due to lack of evidence. Taking the CID report seriously, DGP Ajay Kumar Singh has asked the CID to register a criminal case and conduct a detailed investigation. The police headquarters suspects that all this has been a conspiracy.

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what was the case

In the FIR, SI Inderjit Kumar Rana had said that he had received secret information that a mobile holder was organizing a criminal gang with the aim of extorting money by threatening many businessmen living in Bank Mod police station area and Dhanbad district. The gang includes notorious criminals from Dhanbad district and other states including Jharkhand. By preparing fake names and documents, many more mobile numbers are being given to the gang members. So that they can extort money by threatening to kill. In Abhinav Singh’s Facebook, Facebook is being run by creating an ID in the name of Abhinav Pratap Singh. In this he has tagged himself with Aman Singh. It is alleged that Aman Singh had recently fired at Rajesh Gupta in Govindpur police station, Tetulmari police station and Katras police station. Along with demanding extortion money from Mitthu Singh alias Rajesh Singh, incidents like firing at City Fuel petrol pump were carried out. Whatever work Abhinav Singh does, he is doing it on the instructions of Aman Singh.

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