The history of Durga Puja in Ranchi’s Angada is 113 years old, the idols here are different from other places.

Jitendra Kumar, Ranchi: The Durga temple situated in Hahe of Angada block is quite ancient. According to the information, the history of worship of various Gods and Goddesses including Durga Mata here is 113 years old. Puja started here for the first time in the year 1911. From then till today the idol is installed and worshiped in the mythological manner. The special thing is that the idols installed in this temple are different from other places. Here all the statues are installed in a single frame on the lines of Durgabari Temple Ranchi.

Crowd of devotees on the day of Mahanavami

On the day of Mahanavami, a huge crowd of devotees gather here and hundreds of goats are sacrificed. During this time, the enthusiasm of the devotees of Maa Durga is visible in the entire area. Uttam Devgharia of the organizing committee told that this time also the worship of Mata Rani is being done here with great grandeur. Uttam Deogharia, Durga Pramanik, Dinesh Deogharia, Amit Mishra, Ajay Deogharia, Sanjay Banerjee, Ritesh Deogharia, Nitesh Deogharia, Subodh Prajapati and others played an important role in this event.

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