Instagram turns 13, announces 4 new features focused on GenZ

  • Birthday on Instagram will let the user’s friends and followers know it is their birthday

  • We can now leave audio messages in the Notes section on Instagram

  • Instagram will now offer multiple lists for your Stories

Instagram is the favorite app for almost everyone of our generation. I mean GenZ and even people who try to be. It may be one of the most popular social media platforms for our generation and Instagram knows it. To cater to the GenZ audience on its platform, Instagram recently shared new upcoming features for the platform. These will be primarily targeted at GenZ and were announced during a recent product education session held at Meta’s Gurugram office on the occasion of Instagram’s 13th birthday on October 6. Let’s learn more about it, I’m curious.

Instagram has announced four new features that they say will appeal to the GenZ audience and they say they’re going to start testing them soon. These features are Birthday, Audio Notes, Selfie Video Notes, Stories with multiple lists.

birthday reminders

Okay, this isn’t exactly new. We all are thankful to Facebook for giving us birthday reminders for our loved ones. So, Instagram is now bringing it on its platform. It’s a thing with meta and making all platforms the same. This feature of Instagram will tell the user’s friends and followers that it is their birthday. To make it even more special, you can celebrate with stickers and confetti.

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audio notes

When we don’t have time to type or we are too lazy, we resort to audio notes. Don’t we? We could already send voice messages on Instagram but once the new feature is enabled, we can leave audio messages in the notes section. Yes, the one at the top of your DM list.

selfie video notes

Like audio notes, you can also record a short video as a note that will last for 24 hours. One such feature was recently introduced on WhatsApp.

Multiple lists in stories

You know we have stories we can only share with close friends on Instagram. So, with this in mind, Instagram will offer multiple lists for your stories. You can create one for your friends, one for family, one for people at office and share only what you want.

For your information, let us tell you that the features will soon go into testing phase and then let’s see when they are launched.

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