Air Pollution: If you are troubled by the winds of Delhi-NCR then take care of your lungs like this

Ways to keep your lungs safe from toxic air pollution: People must be aware of Delhi’s pollution, winter season is about to knock. In this way the air quality becomes very bad. Due to this, air pollution starts spreading. At the same time, air pollution has a bad effect on the heart and lungs. Pollution has the biggest impact on our lungs. In such a situation, it is important to adopt some methods to keep the lungs healthy. Learn here how to protect your lungs from pollution

indoor exercises

When you exercise, you inhale more air than usual. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you start working out at home, at least until the air pollution levels return to normal. Do not let children go outside, rather encourage them to play indoors.

Check pollution level

It is important that you check the pollution levels before going out. If you are living in a highly polluted city like Delhi then it becomes necessary to keep yourself updated about the air quality.

eat jaggery

Good old jaggery can really help flush out the toxins you ingest from the air. Jaggery is a natural cleaning agent that can also help reduce symptoms of asthma and other respiratory diseases due to its anti-allergic properties.

Do these remedies for throat infection

If you feel a burning sensation in your throat, a mixture of ginger and basil can help a lot in soothing your throat.

Take help from mobile phone apps

Now is the right time to use those smartphones that you carry with you all the time. There are plenty of apps online that will help you track the air quality before you even leave your house.

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plant air purifying plants

This is a thoughtless thing. Plant air purifying plants like garden mum, ficus and bamboo palm for better indoor air quality.

Do this to reduce carbon emissions

Choose environmentally conscious transportation methods like walking, biking, or carpooling, which significantly reduce personal carbon emissions. Additionally, preferring buses and trains over private cars reduces air pollution, thereby reducing pressure on our environment.

Make arrangements for fresh air inside the car

Make sure you roll down your windows to allow air to circulate when you get into your car. Also, make sure to turn the AC on indoor circulation (recirculation) mode to purify the air inside your car.

Avoid getting sick by wearing shoes indoors

To prevent pollutants from spreading indoors, create a clean indoor environment by instituting a no-shoe policy at your door to promote healthy indoor air quality.

ban smoking

Increase indoor air quality by restricting indoor smoking and removing carpet, both of which can trap and release harmful pollutants, improving the overall living environment.

control humidity levels

Combat indoor air pollution by controlling humidity levels with dehumidifiers or air conditioning, preventing mold growth and the release of indoor pollutants.

Remedy in kitchen with exhaust fan

Make sure the exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen are working properly to effectively expel pollutants generated during cooking and bathing, helping maintain good indoor air quality.

Adopt these measures to strengthen your lungs

  • drink shwasaari decoction

  • boil liquorice and drink

  • You can also drink masala tea

  • do kapalbhati

  • do bhastrika

  • reverse-contrast

Allergies caused by pollution

  • frequent sneezing

  • heavy head

  • nasal congestion

  • red eyes

  • Cough

  • Itching

  • skin rash

  • sore throat

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ways to avoid pollution

  • Install air purifying plants at home

  • wear a mask with carbon filter

  • Eat fruits containing Vitamin C

  • Include gram and jaggery in your diet

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