Photo: What looked like a missile fell from an aircraft flying in the air, which created panic among the villagers.

Is this a missile or something else?

According to the villagers, oil was flowing from an object like missile in shape. Then it was guessed that it could be some other object. That’s why people even touched it and saw it. By the time the police and Air Force officials reached the spot, children along with the villagers reached there. When the police reached the spot, they removed the villagers from there.

The villagers were curious to see something like a missile.

There was a stir in Ghazipur village of BKT after two missile-shaped objects fell from the training aircraft of the Indian Air Force on Wednesday afternoon. Two objects had fallen from a great height into a field. There was an explosion in the field due to the fall from height. But there was no villager in the field during this time, hence no accident occurred.

Children also reached the spot

Both these objects had fallen from the plane during a training flight. When the threat occurred, the nearby villagers came to know about it. After this the crowd gathered. Someone informed the police about this. From there Air Force officials were informed about this incident.

Police and Air Force officials also arrived

Within a few hours, along with the villagers, police and Air Force people also reached the spot. He confirmed that these are fuel tanks only. After this they took possession of the fuel tank and took it to BKT Air Force Station.

Fuel tank recovered

A statement from the CPRO of Central Air Command has also been issued in this matter. In which it is said that due to a malfunction in the system during a routine training mission, two drop tanks fell from a Kiran aircraft of the Indian Air Force on Wednesday afternoon near Bakshi Ka Talab airfield. However the plane landed safely. The damaged drop tanks were recovered by the search team of the Indian Air Force in collaboration with the civil police. The drop tank landed in a barren field with no injuries or loss of life on the ground.

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