Shani Dev: After 30 years, Saturn is forming Rajyoga, these zodiac signs will get financial benefits

Shani Dev: Shani Dev, after about 30 years, a wonderful coincidence has happened on this Dussehra. Saturn, sitting in its original triangle zodiac sign Aquarius, has formed Rajyoga called Shash. Astrology tells that on this day the auspicious planets Moon and Venus will also be face to face. Both of them are creating Dhan Yoga by looking at each other with equal vision. At the same time, Budhaditya Yoga is formed in Libra due to the combination of Sun and Mercury.

This time the festival of Dussehra is decorated with the auspicious combination of planets. On the other hand, Ravi Yoga and Vriddhi Yoga together are making this day more special. At the same time, due to these planetary conjunctions and the influence of Dhanishtha and Shatabhisha Nakshatra, there are chances of progress in the lives of 5 zodiac signs. They may suddenly receive a large amount of money and will also get great opportunities in their career.

Coincidence will have auspicious effect on these 5 zodiac signs

Taurus: A person of this zodiac sign may suddenly get blocked money due to the effect of these auspicious coincidences. Wealth will increase due to the effect of Rajyoga. Will also progress in career. You will get desired opportunities. Your work will be appreciated in the office. New opportunities related to career may be available. There will be a happy atmosphere in the family.

remedy: On the occasion of Dussehra, go to Hanumanji’s temple and offer Bundi laddus and distribute the Prasad there.

Cancer zodiac sign: The financial condition of people of this zodiac sign will improve. This time is good for investment. Enthusiasm will increase due to good profits in business. With the help of experienced people in career, you can get much awaited opportunities. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. This is also a good time for single people. You can find your desired partner during this period.

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remedy: On Dussehra, plant a Shami tree in the north direction of your house and light a cow ghee lamp on it.

Libra: People of this zodiac sign can get a large amount of money on Dussehra by the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. There will be prosperity in their family. If any matter related to ancestral property is going on at home, you will get success in it. You will get a chance to buy gold and can also buy a new vehicle. If you are thinking of starting a new business then this is the best time to start it. There will be benefits in future.

remedy: On Dussehra, offer a garland of marigold flowers to the idol of Lord Ram.

Astrologer Sanjit Kumar Mishra

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