Three deaths due to dengue within 24 hours in Bihar, 123 new patients found, see district wise figures

Patna. In Bihar, three patients have died during the last 24 hours, while 123 new dengue patients have been found. This includes 22 dengue patients in Patna district, 15 in Gaya, 14 each in Bhagalpur-Munger, 12 in Nawada and 11 in Saran district. With the arrival of new dengue patients, the total number of dengue patients in the state has reached 13604 so far this year. In October alone, 6869 new dengue patients were found. Here, 241 patients suffering from dengue are undergoing treatment in various hospitals.

One patient died in dengue ward of Magadha Medical

A patient suffering from dengue died in the dengue ward of Magadh Medical, Gaya early on Wednesday morning. This is the third death of a dengue victim in the district. Earlier, one person had died in an emergency at Magadh Medical. At the same time, a patient of AMS, who was undergoing treatment while living in Patna, also died. So far this season, three dengue victims in the district have died. In-charge Superintendent cum Deputy Superintendent Dr NK Paswan said that Santosh Yadav, 35-year-old son of Gokul Yadav, resident of nearby Guraru block, was admitted after being found dengue positive. The patient’s platelets had reached 27 thousand. On October 24, he started vomiting blood. After this, one unit of platelets was transfused for improvement, but the victim died during treatment at around 6 am on October 25. He told that reports of seven people have come positive here on Wednesday. At present 17 patients are undergoing treatment in the dengue ward. This includes 10 confirmed dengue positive and seven suspected patients.

Two died due to dengue in Bihar Sharif

Dengue continues to wreak havoc in Biharsharif city. Case: Sanjeev Kumar, 45, son of Ramji Prasad, resident of Kaggi Mohalla, died due to dengue mosquito bite. The family members of the deceased said that Sanjeev Kumar died during treatment in a private hospital in Bihar Sharif on Monday. The deceased’s son Raj Aryan and daughter Khushi Kumari are also suffering from dengue. He is being treated in a private clinic. One person has also died due to dengue in Parwalpur of the district.

Sanitation worker dies due to dengue

Sanitation worker Ballam Yadav, resident of Vikrampur village of Panchayat in Parwalpur block of the district, died on Wednesday due to dengue fever. In this regard, Panchayat head Nutan Kumari said that the sanitation worker had fever for four days and was undergoing home treatment. On Wednesday, he was brought to a private clinic in Parwalpur for treatment. The doctor informed him of dengue and referred him to Vims Hospital, Pawapuri. Vims’ doctor declared him dead before treatment. The head has given twenty-five thousand rupees in cash to the wife of the deceased in the form of Kabir funeral and financial assistance.

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18 new positive patients found in Munger, total figure 584

Even during Durga Puja, dengue havoc continues in Munger. In the last two days, a total of 18 new dengue patients were found in the ELISA test in the district. After this, the total number of dengue patients in the district has reached 584. Whereas dozens of suspected patients are still undergoing treatment in various private nursing homes of the district including Sadar Hospital. It was told that on Tuesday, October 24, seven new dengue patients were found in the ELISA test. On Wednesday, October 25, 11 new dengue patients were found in the ELISA test. After this, the total number of dengue patients in the district has reached 584. Meanwhile, four patients previously diagnosed with dengue have been discharged after treatment. Till Wednesday, a total of 52 patients are being treated in the dengue ward built in the pre-fabricated hospital of Sadar Hospital. There are four Elijah positive patients. While 48 are suspected dengue patients.

Six dengue patients identified in Madhubani district, number of patients reaches 68

The number of dengue patients is continuously increasing in Madhubani district. After this the district health department has come into alert mode. After the identification of six dengue patients in the district in the last four days, the number of patients has increased to 68. District Vector Borne Disease Control Officer Dr. Vinod Kumar Jha said that the number of dengue patients is increasing in the district, which is a matter of concern. The health department is fully prepared for this. Among the six patients identified from October 21-24, Kiran Debi, 45 year old wife of Vinod Pandey, resident of Bus Stand Municipal Corporation, Sabri Debi, 40 year old wife of Rajkumar Chaupal, resident of Biraul of Pandaul block, Rajesh Kumar, 21 year old son of Upendra Paswan, resident of Patauna, Basopatti. , Priyanshu Kumari, 20 year old daughter of Sumit Kumar Yadav, resident of Raghopur Balat, Rahul Kumar, 17 year old son of Pramod Yadav, resident of Bhagwatipur Pandaul and Abhishek Kumar Jha, 22 year old son of Raman Kumar Jha, resident of Satlakha, Graha. Fogging has been done in the villages of 44 patients in the district. For 17 dengue patients who are from urban areas, the Municipal Corporation has done fogging within 500 meters of the houses of the patients.

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14 new dengue patients found in two days

The number of dengue patients is continuously increasing in Muzaffarpur district. Now cases have started increasing in urban areas. Dengue cases have started crossing 350. During dengue testing in SKMCH in the last two days, 14 new cases of dengue have been confirmed. Dengue and chikungunya have been found in one patient. District Vector Borne Disease Control Officer Dr. Satish Kumar has confirmed this. So far 348 dengue patients have been found in the district. District Vector Borne Disease Control Officer said that in the investigation report from the lab, 14 new dengue patients have been found in the district. Patients admitted for treatment in SKMCH and private hospitals are being monitored.

Number of dengue infected in departmental records is 224

Dengue continues to wreak havoc in Siwan district. According to the latest report, the number of dengue patients in the health department data has increased to 224. In the dengue confirmation test conducted on Monday and Tuesday, 11 people were found dengue infected. According to government data, the number of dengue infected patients in the district has reached 224. In a way, dengue disease has taken the form of an epidemic in the district. Due to the Nagar Panchayat and Municipal Council not making arrangements for complete spraying in urban areas, the number of mosquitoes does not seem to be reducing. From the city administration to the concerned government departments, they are continuously claiming that fogging is being done for relief from mosquitoes.

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