Israel Hamas War: Israel Hamas war can affect India too, may cause a big shock

Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas is intensifying with each passing day. The Israeli army is selectively attacking Hamas positions. The fighting began on October 7 after an attack on Israel by Hamas fighters. Now the geopolitical situation of the Middle East is changing rapidly. Due to the war between Israel and Hamas, the world is also getting divided into two parts. While on one hand Islamic countries are standing in support of Hamas and Gaza and they are also getting the support of big and powerful countries like Russia and China, on the other hand many countries of America and Europe are openly standing in favor of Israel. America is also supplying weapons to Israel. Its warships are standing in the Mediterranean Sea to help Israel.

The world has started dividing into two parts
During the Israel-Hamas war, the IDF is carrying out fierce bombings on terrorist positions in the Gaza Strip. Israeli gunpowder is turning big buildings into sand. At the same time, Muslim countries around the world are mobilizing against the attack on Gaza Strip. The Islamic countries of the Middle East, especially Iran, are standing against Israel. Along with helping the terrorists, he is also adamant on the demand of imposing sanctions on Israel. Iran is a friend of China and China is a close friend of Russia. In such a situation, China and Russia are neither expressing sympathy with Israel nor saying anything against the terrorist attack. At the same time, America stands openly in favor of Israel. Its warships are deployed to protect Israel from attacks by Muslim countries. Besides, he is also sending a consignment of weapons to Israel. Apart from this, many other European countries including England, France, Germany, Italy are standing in support of Israel.

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Will the economy be affected?
Although India is not directly helping Israel with arms. But India has condemned the actions of terrorists many times. However, Israel-Hamas war is directly and indirectly impacting India also. In fact, according to media reports, about 900 Indian soldiers are deployed on the Israel and Lebanon Border (UNIFIL) line. If the war breaks out more widely then Indian soldiers will also be affected by it, apart from this the Indian economy can also be affected. If the war continues for a long time, crude oil will become expensive. Due to which there will be a possibility of increase in inflation. This will have a significant impact on the country’s economy.

Israel urges India to declare Hamas as terrorist organization
Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gilon said today i.e. on Wednesday that the time has come for India to declare Hamas as a terrorist organization like many other countries. Speaking to reporters, the Israeli Ambassador also expressed his gratitude to India for “100 percent” support to Israel in counter-terrorism operations against Hamas. Gillon said that Israel has requested the concerned Indian officials to declare Hamas a terrorist organization after the barbaric attack on October 7. Along with this, he indicated that this matter has been raised earlier also.

Israeli air strikes increase in Gaza, huge loss of life and property
Here, Israel has fiercely attacked the Gaza Strip in the last one day. Even large buildings have been reduced to debris due to IDF air strikes. Earlier, health officials said that a large number of Palestinians were killed the previous day and that medical services were halted due to damage caused by the bombing and disruption of power supply. The Gaza Health Ministry said at least 704 people, mostly women and children, died on Tuesday due to Israeli air strikes. Israel said on Tuesday that it carried out 400 air strikes the previous day, in which many militants including the commander of Hamas were killed.

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