Once again mass shooting in America, 16 people died in indiscriminate firing

Lewiston, Maine shootings: Once again a shooting incident has been seen in America. According to the information, there has been indiscriminate firing by a person in Lewiston, Maine state. 16 people are reported to have been killed in this firing while dozens of people have been injured. The condition of some of the injured is said to be serious. According to what has been said by the police, an active shooter has carried out this firing incident last night.

Trying to identify suspects

According to the report of news agency Reuters, two pictures of the suspect holding a rifle have been posted on Facebook by the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office. It is also said that this incident was carried out by many criminals together. Efforts are being made to identify the suspects and an appeal has been made to the general public for help. Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston issued a statement saying there were reports of mass casualties. The injured have been admitted to the local hospital for treatment where the condition of some remains critical.

This appeal was made to the people

According to the news given by the Associated Press, information about the shooter has been received at many places. After this, the police has appealed to the people to please allow emergency vehicles to reach the hospitals and keep distance from the road. Let us tell you that Lewiston is part of Androscoggin County. It is located approximately 56 km north of Portland.

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The local police have described the attackers as active shooters. Pictures of the suspect as well as his car have also been released. It is seen in these pictures that the suspect is seen wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans and holding a rifle in firing position. He has also kept a beard.

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