This prototype E-Scooter of Suzuki is coming to make a splash in India, is equipped with cool features

New Delhi : Japanese automobile manufacturer Suzuki has showcased the new electric scooter e-Bergman at the Japan Auto Show held in Tokyo. Gachco battery system is being used by the Japanese brand in this electric scooter. Apart from this, the brand logo e-Bergman has been placed on the side panel behind the seat. The company is claiming it to be a prototype electric scooter. It has the familiar white and blue dual tone color scheme. The Japanese automobile manufacturer is testing the e-Bergman on Indian roads. During this test, this new electric scooter has also been seen in these two color schemes. Come, let us know about this new prototype electric scooter…

Suzuki E-Burgman Scooter Style

The Suzuki e-Burgman electric scooter looks similar to the Burgman Street 125 already sold in India. It has the same bodywork and styling. However, the paint scheme has been changed, making it a little more futuristic. It features a white body with blue highlights on the top and side panels. The electric Burgman also has a full-LED headlamp, short visor and LED tail lamp. Even the step-up seat is the same as the petrol-powered version. Most of its dimensions are similar to those of Bergman Street. The height of both the scooters is 1140 mm and seat height is 780 mm which is accessible even for small riders. However, the electric Burgman is slightly wider and shorter in length at 765 mm. Thanks to the electric powertrain, the e-Bergman is also significantly heavier at 147 kg compared to the Burgman Street’s weight of 110 kg.

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Suzuki e-Burgman scooter exterior

Talking about the exterior of this new prototype electric scooter of Suzuki, the only difference in its styling is at the rear. Its section now looks more open. However, with almost similar dimensions and styling, the e-Bergman is likely to have similar or similar riding ergonomics to the petrol version. Now the Burgman Street offers a comfortable riding position, which is comfortable for the riders. However, the floorboard on the electric Burgman will not be different from that of the Burgman Street 125.

Performance of Suzuki e-Burgman scooter

Some specifications of Suzuki e-Burgman scooter have also been revealed. However, it is expected that these will improve with the production model. For now, these are nothing but impressive. The electric scooter comes with a 4.0 kW motor. Now this is slightly smaller than the 4.4 kW motor of the TVS iQube, but on par with the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter. When it comes to rated power, offering 0.98 kW, the e-Burgman seems to fall short compared to both its rivals, which offer 3-3.8 kW of rated power. Its engine generates maximum torque of 18 Nm, which is slightly less than Chetak’s 20 Nm.

Suzuki e-Burgman scooter range

However, it is being claimed that Suzuki e-Burgman covers a distance of 44 km once fully charged. This is possible only when the scooter is driven at a speed less than 60 km per hour. Even more so when compared to its petrol-powered model, which offers better performance from its 125 cc engine. Its spy shots reveal that the e-Burgman will get a compact battery pack. However, the scooter will use a swappable unit, which will enable it to become part of the consortium to make swappable batteries standard, which also includes Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

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Suzuki e-Burgman scooter features and hardware

Although Suzuki is yet to reveal much about the hardware and features of the e-Burgman, it is speculated to come with telescopic forks and a disc brake at the front, which will be the same units as the petrol-powered version. is likely to. However, it has a dual-shock at the rear, unlike the Burgman Street 125, which uses a monoshock. Apart from this, along with connectivity, ride mode and a TFT screen can also be found as standard.

suzuki e-burgman scooter price

The price of Suzuki Burgman Street 125 in ex-showroom India is Rs 94,672. From this, it is being estimated that the price of e-Burgman could be between Rs 1.11 lakh to Rs 1.25 lakh, rivaling the price of TVS iQube and Bajaj Chetak. Activa Electric can be launched by Honda sometime next year. Hence, the e-Burgman is also likely to be launched around the same time.

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