Tiger seen again in Palamu Tiger Reserve of Jharkhand, forest department issued alert

Betla (Palamu), Santosh Kumar: A tiger has been seen once again in Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) of Jharkhand. Tracker guards and villagers have seen the tiger in the northern division of PTR. After receiving information about the sighting of the tiger, the forest department team reached there and recovered the pug mark, feces and hair of the tiger. The Forest Department team has also found remains of cows at different places. It is believed that the same tiger has hunted these cows. PTR director Kumar Ashutosh has confirmed the sighting of the tiger. He has said that special attention is being kept on all the activities of the tiger. With the sighting of the tiger, there is once again a wave of happiness among the officials of Palamu Tiger Reserve. About six months ago the tiger was seen in the Kutku area of ​​Palamu Tiger Reserve. This time, due to security reasons and other reasons, the place of sighting of the tiger is not being disclosed. More than a dozen camera traps have been installed to capture photographs of the tiger roaming in the Betla forest.

Tiger hair will be examined in Dehradun

The department official says that the skate and hair have been sent to Wildlife Institute of Dehradun for investigation. Deputy Director Prajesh Kant Jena and other team members reached the spot where the tiger was spotted and conducted a search operation to get the location of the pug mark. Pegmarks were marked using plaster of Paris. The team members were instructed to work with complete alertness to find the pug marks of the tiger. Officials have expressed hope that the tiger is present in the surrounding area.

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Keeping an eye on the activities of wild animals in PTR

Officials have given instructions to keep an eye on all the activities of the tiger. Besides, tracker guards of the forest department and other forest workers have been alerted. Instructions have also been given to find out whether the same tiger which was seen last time in this sanctuary has been seen again.

What does PTR director say?

Director of Palamu Tiger Reserve, Kumar Ashutosh said that as soon as the tiger is seen, efforts are being made to capture its picture by setting up camera traps. At the same time, the activities of other wild animals including tigers are being monitored in the entire area. Due to security reasons and other reasons, the place where the tiger was seen cannot be disclosed.

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