9-1 rule is popular for weight loss, if you follow these tips, your waist will become thin.

weight loss

As easy as it is to gain weight, it is equally difficult to lose weight. If you are also troubled by obesity, this news is for you. These days, the 9-1 rule for weight loss is much discussed on social media. Let us know what this rule is…


Let us tell you that 9 means nine thousand steps, that is, you should walk nine thousand steps every day. With this you can burn 250 to 350 calories.

drinking water

Eight in the 9-1 rule means drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day. We should drink at least eight glasses of water every day, which will help in reducing weight.


In the 9-1 rule, seven means seven hours of sleep. A person should sleep for at least seven hours. Whereas, six means meditation for 6 minutes.


In the 9-1 rule, five means five types of fruits and green vegetables. You must eat five types of fruits and green vegetables throughout the day. This will give you a lot of benefit in weight loss.

coffee break

In the 9-1 rule, four means taking four short breaks. If you are working in an office then take breaks four times. Meanwhile you can have tea-coffee.

healthy food

In the 9-1 rule, three means eat healthy meals three times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should never be skipped. At the same time, two means that there should be a gap of two hours between sleep and dinner. To lose weight, it is good to eat early at night.


In the 9-1 rule, one means one for each exercise. You can workout throughout the day whether in the morning or evening.

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