AGRA: Mother and child died in Lady Loyal Hospital, family members created ruckus by accusing doctors of negligence.

Agra. Due to negligence of doctors in the District Women’s Hospital, both a mother and a child died. The family members alleged that when we admitted our patient to the hospital, she was absolutely fine. But due to the negligence of the nurses and doctors present in the hospital, our patient has died. And the child in her stomach also died. After the death of the woman, the family members created a ruckus in the District Women’s Hospital. Jeetu, a resident of Madhu Nagar area of ​​Agra, had brought his wife Kajal to the District Women’s Hospital at around 9:00 pm on Thursday night for delivery. After this he was admitted. The female employees present in the hospital said that your wife will be delivered soon. But the woman did not deliver till late night. The woman died during treatment at around 9:00 am on Friday. Due to which the family members became very angry and created a ruckus in the District Women’s Hospital. And accused the doctors and staff of negligence. Sonia, the landlady of the house where Jeetu lives on rent in Madhu Nagar, said that Jeetu’s financial condition is not good. In such a situation, his wife was admitted to the District Women’s Hospital for delivery. But due to the negligence of the doctors, both the woman and the child in her stomach died.

Another woman living near the deceased woman Kajal had come to the district hospital to take care of her. He told that we admitted our patient here at night but the delivery was not taking place. During this time, the female employees entered and kicked Kajal in the stomach. I did not stop because I thought perhaps this would be done for normal delivery. At the same time, the female employees also showed a lot of indecency. A call was made to the Superintendent of the District Women’s Hospital, Dr. Neelam Rani, to get information about this matter, but she could not be contacted.

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