There will now be a 24-hour vigil on the border between China and Pakistan, Modi government is making special preparations

India has become alert after the attack by Hamas terrorists in Israel. To avoid such sudden attacks, India is preparing to keep an eye on its borders through a technology with drones. The English website Times of India has published news in this regard. Quoting experts in the matter, it has been reported that India is keeping a close watch on the border. Defense officials last week met six domestic vendors of surveillance and reconnaissance drones. An order may be announced next month. However, the matter of surveillance through drones is not yet public. The Army can start this technology in some parts of the border in the beginning of May.

Tension with China and Pakistan

The step has been taken to keep vigil on India’s borders with neighboring countries at all times. Let us tell you that there is tension with neighboring countries China and Pakistan, especially in the Himalayas. After the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Modi government at the Center has become more cautious and this incident has forced the government to think about its arsenal and war preparations. After the sudden attack by Hamas, the government is preparing a plan to avoid such attack.

Terrorist attack has taken place in Mumbai

India has been a victim of terrorist attack before. In 2008, the attackers arrived in Mumbai by sea, armed with weapons and grenades. The terrorists had harassed the city for three days. These terrorists had reached India via Pakistan. 166 people lost their lives in this terrorist attack. The government has said that drones are being used to transport weapons and drugs from across the western border of the country. The technology that is being developed may take about 18 months to cover the entire area. Its cost could be up to $500 million annually.

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Drone will work for a long time without landing

These high-altitude satellites are solar powered drones. They can work for long periods without landing. This will be used for the system. They will be able to fly high for 24 hours and for a longer period. The drones will also serve as a back-up to the conventional radar networks along the borders, sending images directly to local command centres. It is being told that the drones deployed on the border and the software supporting them will be made in the country itself. The Indian Army, which is heavily dependent on Russia for weapons platforms, is trying to boost local production amid a 10-year, $250 billion military modernization effort.

Know how long is the border of India

The entire 14,000 miles (22,531 kilometres) that make up India’s land border and coastline will be under constant surveillance once the system is operational. It is noteworthy that earlier, New Delhi had rented two drones from the US for surveillance and reconnaissance, when the current round of border tensions with Beijing first started in the summer of 2020.

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