chandra grahan today on the day of sharad purnima know the solution to all your doubts from vastu shastri mkh

, Swami Vimlesh, Vastu Shastri ,

Khandgras lunar eclipse is being observed today on Sharad Purnima. The lunar eclipse will start at 1:06 am and will last till 2:22 am. According to Indian time, Sutak period starts 9 hours after the lunar eclipse, whereas for children, elderly, pregnant women and patients, Sutak period will start from 08:36 pm. During this time, many questions might be arising in your mind as to what should be done during the eclipse and what not? So here is the solution to all your doubts.

When to prepare Sharad Purnima Kheer Prasadi and when to consume it?

Can we travel outside during Sutak period or not?

  • Do not travel unnecessarily, but if the time of Sutak is long then it is not possible to sit completely, hence you can continue activities like service etc., not a problem, if you have time then you should devote yourself to chanting and meditation.

If Arghya is offered to the moon on the day of full moon, then should it be offered on the day of eclipse or not?

Can we take benefit by sitting in the rays of the moon during Sutak period or not?

Can take.

Should one sleep during eclipse or not?

Can we eat during eclipse?

Can one bathe, urinate and defecate in Sutak or not?

Can I study during the eclipse period?

  • Not at all, according to Narad Purana – “Never study on the day of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, on the day Uttarayan and Dakshinayan begin.” Yamraj personally destroys the progeny, intelligence, fame, Lakshmi, age, strength and health of those foolish people who study during all these times of anadhyaya (days of not studying).

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