Israel Hamas Conflict: Israel kills ‘paraglider commander’, launches massive attack on Gaza, know the situation of war

Israel Hamas Conflict: Israel and Hamas war It is getting faster. Israel is continuously targeting Hamas positions in search of terrorists. In this context, the Israeli Army (IDF) said on Saturday that the army has killed some Hamas commanders. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the Israeli Army has claimed that it has killed the Hamas commanders who led the terrorists who infiltrated on October 7. The army has said that it has been identified as Asem Abu Raqaba. The army has also said that the same terrorist was also responsible for the drone attacks.

Hamas commander killed
The Israeli army said that IDF attack planes bombed several Hamas positions. During this time, on the basis of intelligence, the hideout of Aerial Array chief Asem Abu Raqaba was also attacked, in which Abu Raqaba was killed. The army has said that Rakaba was involved in planning the massacre on October 7. Along with this, Rakaba also took command of the terrorists who infiltrated into Israel on paragliders. It is noteworthy that by dodging the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and the security forces, Hamas had launched a powerful attack on the Israeli border from the Gaza Strip, in which a large number of Israeli people were killed and dozens of people were abducted.

Internet and communications shut down in Gaza

Here, Israel has closed the Internet and other means of communication in the Gaza Strip, due to which the 23 lakh people living there have been cut off from each other and the outside world. Israel has also intensified air and ground attacks on Gaza since Friday night. The Israeli army said it was launching a massive ground operation in the area. This announcement by the army indicates that it is preparing for a complete attack on Gaza. The sky of Gaza City continued to glow due to the explosion caused by Israeli air strikes. Palestine’s telecom provider Paltel said that internet, cellular and landline services have been completely disrupted due to the bombing.

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Gaza Strip shrouded in darkness

The communication breakdown means that no information will be available about casualties or ground action in the attack. However, some satellite phones are working in the area. Gaza has been plunged into darkness due to no electricity for a week. The people of Palestine are also struggling with the problem of food and drinking water. The people of Gaza were left in panic when due to the sudden closure of the messaging app, their contact with their families was cut off and calls stopped coming. “I was very scared,” said Wafa Abdul Rahman, director of a women’s organization in the West Bank city of Ramallah. I have not had any conversation with my family for several hours.

Israeli army is intensifying ground attack

Here, Israel’s military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has said that the Israeli army is also intensifying ground attacks in Gaza. The army is entering Gaza Strip and targeting Hamas fighters. Hamas’ media center said in its report that intense clashes with Israeli forces continued overnight, including tank attacks on several locations near the border fence. The Israeli Army has not responded to this. Israel has gathered thousands of soldiers on the border before a possible ground attack. The Gaza Health Ministry says 7,300 Palestinians, including more than 2,900 minors and more than 1,500 women, have been killed in Israeli strikes in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

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