Jio introduces emergency response communication system at IMC 2023; Disaster relief and rescue work will be expedited

  • Jio will create a separate communication lane on the digital highway for emergency communication.

  • There will be facilities like push-to-talk, drone surveillance, real-time video streaming

  • Emergency Response Communication System has been designed keeping in mind the needs of large industries and NDRF.

    Jio in IMC 2023 : The biggest challenge that governments and administrations face in dealing with natural disasters like floods, fires and earthquakes is communication failure, which makes it difficult to provide necessary and timely assistance. Reliance Jio has displayed its Emergency Response Communication System at the India Mobile Congress-2023, which can save lives.

This emergency response communication system running on Jio’s True 5G will strengthen communication at many levels. In case the local communication system fails, this system will have a satellite-connected communication tower on wheels, which can be deployed anytime, anywhere and in any situation.

For the command center of support teams, Reliance Jio has designed a powerful app called XR Companion. This app will remain connected to its support teams in real time. Work distribution, two-way audio video calling, emergency ambulance calling, team movement, work progress report can be monitored in real time through the app in the command center. Currently, about 20 teams can be connected simultaneously in this app. Which can also be increased if needed.

NDRF or relief officers sitting far away will be able to take stock of the damage caused in inaccessible places through 5G connected drones. Apart from this, aid workers will use voice activated 5G connected devices to communicate with each other. These 5G devices that can be mounted on helmets have features like camera, flash light and laser beam. So that help can be provided as soon as possible.

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During a disaster, Jio will create a dedicated and highly secure communication lane through network slicing on the digital communication highway. So that important disaster related communication needs can be met without any interruption. Features like push-to-talk, drone surveillance, real-time video streaming, high-bandwidth applications will help in better coordination and decision making.

This emergency system has been designed with the aim of providing high speed connectivity to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDRF), which was the first to enter the disaster area. This system can also be useful in accidents occurring in big industries. Jio has created this emergency response communication system in partnership with SES. No matter how terrible the disaster is, this emergency system of Jio will continue to work.

Natural disaster cannot be completely stopped but the damage caused by it can definitely be reduced. In order to ensure that help reaches a disaster on time, communication is essential and it is very important that communication continues to work. Jio’s Emergency Response Communication System is considered to be an impenetrable solution for strong communication in a disaster.

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