Devotees reached Baidyanath Dham from many provinces, performed Jalabhishek of Baba on Sharad Purnima, devotees performed rituals.

Deoghar: On Saturday, on the occasion of Sharad Purnima of Ashwin month, a crowd of devotees gathered at the Baba temple to offer prayers. The temple courtyard was filled with devotees. Since it was an auspicious date, devotees also got auspicious work done. Complete arrangements were made by the district administration and temple management. The doors of Baba Mandir were opened at 4:30 am on Saturday morning, after which Sardari Puja was performed. After Sardari Puja, the door was opened for the devotees. Devotees, taking a dip in Sivagangai, queued up from the foot overbridge at Q Complex in Mansarovar. After entering the sanctum sanctorum, people performed Jalabhishek on Baba and shouted slogans. Due to the long queue the devotees had to wait. During this time, hundreds of devotees also entered the Baba temple through quick darshanam and offered water. On the occasion of Sharad Purnima, devotees performed religious rituals, mundan, alliance and many other types of rituals in the Baba Mandir complex.

Special worship of Maa Lakkhi in Baba temple

Late Saturday evening, the worship of Mahalakshmi was organized on Sharad Purnima in the Durga temple located in Deoghar Baba Mandir administrative building. During this time, the idol of Mother Goddess was installed in the temple and worship was done. Sardar Panda, Sri Sri Gulabnand Ojha and Acharya Gopal Maharaj worshiped the mother with tantric method. Havan was performed on this occasion. After this, special nectar was offered to the Mother and it was formally concluded with Kumari Puja. Manager Ramesh Parihast, Bhakti Nath Falahari, Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Kumar, Santosh Pandit and others were present on the spot.

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Devotees remained engrossed in the worship of Mother Lakkhi.

Devotees installed the idol of Maa Lakkhi in various puja pandals and houses and worshiped with rituals on Saturday. During this, the priest performed the puja by consecrating the idol according to Vaishnav rituals. In this, milk, ghee, panchmeva, banana etc. were offered. The moon was also worshiped at night. On this occasion, puja was organized in other pandals including Ghadidar Mandap, Castor Town next to Kali Mandir, Swaroop Charan Mandap, Goshala, Saraf School, Domsi, Bangla Mandap, Abhaya Darshan, Hathi Pahad. It is believed that where the idol of Maa Durga is installed and worshiped during Navratri, the idol of Maa Lakhi is also installed and worshiped on the date of full moon.

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