Bapudham will become a world class station, city center and multilevel parking is being built keeping in mind the next 50 years.

Motihari. Under the Bapudham Motihari Station Redevelopment Plan, the foundation stone of the passenger guest house in the station premises was laid by Railway Standing Committee Chairman cum MP Radha Mohan Singh on Monday. During this, amidst chanting of Vedic mantras, the MP laid the foundation of the construction work by laying bricks. DRM said that a two-room modern guest house is to be constructed. Apart from two rooms, there will be a dining room, a dressing room, modern kitchen and toilet in the guest house.

Saw the presentation of the model of the station redevelopment plan.

Before this, the MP saw the presentation of the model of the station redevelopment plan and brainstormed for about one and a half hours with DRM Vinay Srivastava, officials of the Railway Engineering Cell and engineers from the Adya Construction construction work agency of Patna. During the brainstorming that lasted for about one and a half hour, each technical point of the model of redevelopment action plan of the station was discussed and necessary guidelines were given for the construction. On the occasion, MLA Shyambabu Yadav, Rajendra Gupta, ADRM cum Chief Project Manager Alok Kumar Jha, SS Dilip Kumar Singh and a team of engineering cell officials were present.

City center will be built to the south of the station

MP Radha Mohan Singh said that the redevelopment of the station is being done keeping in mind the passenger pressure in the next 50 years till the year 2066. Said that a city center will be built to the south of the station. Along with this, there will be provision for multilevel parking. He said that the target is to complete the work of the redevelopment plan within the next 27 months. If the agency completes the construction work within 21 months, the Railways will give an additional bonus of Rs 10 crore.

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Construction work will be done in two phases

The construction work of the station redevelopment plan will be done in two phases. In the first phase, the double line will be operational, along with this, the railway quarter on the right side of the station circulating area will be demolished and buildings like water tank, power house, telecom, railway hospital etc. offices will be constructed there and shifted there. A multi-storey building of G Plus Four will stand there. Light ROB will be built at railway gate number 161B in front of MS College Gate. On which even two wheeler and three wheeler vehicles can come.

18 feet high statue of Bapu will be installed, temple will be shifted

Four statues of Mahatma Gandhi will be installed at the station. Among these, the tallest 18-foot statue of Bapu will be installed adjacent to the entrance of platform one and two. Apart from this, both the statues of Bapu installed in the station premises will also be shifted. Hanuman temple and Sai temple will be shifted to the road site of platform number one. For this, land will be made available around the Railway Quarters building.

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