Bengal Crime News: 88 year old husband got angry at 63 year old wife, injured her by stabbing her countless times with a knife.

Kolkata, Vikas Kumar Gupta: After spending a long time with his life partner after marriage, the husband suddenly got angry at his wife and injured her badly by attacking her with a knife countless times. The incident took place at around 6.10 am on Monday morning in Tiljala Shivtala Lane located in Karaya police station area of ​​the metropolis. The name of the attacker has been described as Mohammad Qasim (88). While the name of his wife who was injured in his attack has been mentioned as Jamila Begum (63). He was badly injured in this attack and was taken to the nearest hospital. He is undergoing treatment there. Here, after receiving the news of this incident, the police of Karaya police station reached there and on the complaint of son Mohammad Naushad, took the attacker Mohammad Qasim to Karaya police station for questioning.

what was the matter

According to police sources, they received news that in Karya area, an 88-year-old old man had bled to death on his 63-year-old wife by repeatedly attacking her with a sharp knife due to a domestic dispute. By the time the police team reached there, it was found that the son of the injured woman, Mohammad Naushad, had taken her to Karaya police station. After this information, when the police team reached the hospital, it was found that the woman had a deep wound on her head and face. Due to this his condition is said to be very serious. Investigation also revealed that around six in the morning there was a dispute between the husband and wife over some issue.

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On the complaint of the son, the police is taking the attacker to the police station and interrogating him.

During this dispute, in anger Mohammad Qasim attacked his wife Jamila with a sharp knife. Due to which she got injured. He is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Police say that since the accused is so old, he is being taken to the police station and interrogated. He is being interrogated as to why he attacked his wife. Here, the police is also taking the statement of Mohammad Naushad, son of the attacker accused. So that the root cause related to the incident can be found out. Regarding this incident, a lot of anger was seen among the people of the area towards the accused person.

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