Bihar: People upset due to increase in price of onion, price reached Rs 70 per kg, know when the rate will come down.

Bihar News: There is a continuous increase in the price of onion in Bihar. Within 15 days, its price has doubled and its price has reached Rs 70 per kg. Onion is being sold at Rs 50-52 per kg in the wholesale market and at Rs 60-70 per kg in retail. Wholesale onion traders say that onion comes to the state from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, South India and Rajasthan, but due to lack of adequate rainfall, the crop will reach the market late. The new crop will come only after Chhath. According to the information received, the price of onion started increasing from Navratri. Before that, the price of onion in the wholesale market was Rs 28 to 30 per kg, while in the retail market it was Rs 35 to 40 per kg. But, as soon as Navratri ended, the price of onion reached Rs 50-52 in the wholesale market and Rs 60-70 in the retail market. Wholesale trader Pravesh Kumar said that at present there is no possibility of much rise in the price of onion in the wholesale market. There will be no reduction in the price.

Price will reduce after arrival of new onion in the market

Bihar Onion Association President Anand Ranjan Rinku also said that as soon as new onions arrive in the market after Chhath, the price will come down rapidly. The arrival is less in Nashik market itself. New arrivals are expected to come from Rajasthan. After this the prices will fall. Biscomaan is providing cheap onions at 180 places. At the same time, it is being said that the price of onion will come down as soon as new onions arrive in the market after Chhath.

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Cheap onion is being made available to the people

Biscomaan is providing onion at Rs 25 per kg at 180 places in the state. At the same time, onion is being sold at the rate of Rs 25 in Patna and surrounding 20 areas. BISCOMAN President Sunil Singh said that the people of Patna will not be allowed to face onion shortage for the next 10 days. The order for 17 trucks has been sent on Monday. Cheap onions are being sold near Eco Park and Patna Zoo in the morning and near Secretariat and other markets in the evening. On Monday, the National Consumer Cooperative Federation of India (NCCF) sold onions at Rs 25 per kg at seven places. NCCF branch manager Rajesh Kumar said that onions have been sold in Nasriganj, Kidwaipuri, Patel Nagar, near Radiant School on Saguna Mode, near New Market State Bank, Birla Colony and Mithapur Mandi. People have purchased about 10 to 12 quintals of onion from all the centres.

People’s problems increased due to rising onion prices

At the same time, let us tell you that the Central Government has started preparations to control the rising prices of onion in the domestic market. On one hand, the government has notified a minimum export price of US $ 800 per tonne on onion exports to maintain domestic availability, on the other hand, the government has decided to purchase additional two lakh tonnes of onions for the buffer. This will be in addition to the 5.07 lakh tonnes already purchased. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution had informed that the minimum export price will be effective from October 29 and will remain in force till December 31. The MEP of $800 per tonne for onion is equivalent to approximately Rs 67 per kg. Officials said that the government has doubled the buffer onion stock for the current year. This will curb prices on domestic days. At the same time, the rising prices of onion have troubled the people in the state.

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