It is necessary to oppose terrorism

India is facing a diplomatic challenge during the war between Israel and Hamas. He is also close to Israel and has been a supporter of the rights of Palestinians. India was among the first countries to show solidarity with Israel after the Hamas attack on October 7. Then on October 27, when the Arab countries brought a resolution in the United Nations, India did not participate in the voting. This made it seem as if India does not want to stand with the Arab countries and is with Israel. Many opposition parties in India including Congress also tried to corner the Modi government regarding this. But Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has tried to resolve the ongoing confusion regarding India’s situation.

He has said that India’s stance on terrorism has always been tough because the people of India are big victims of terrorism. The Foreign Minister said that India’s position regarding terrorism should remain the same. What the Foreign Minister has said has become a major topic of debate during the current conflict. India believes that the way Hamas attacked Israel and killed civilians and took hostages is a terrorist act. On this basis, India is considering Israel as a terrorism affected country. On the other hand, India did not support the resolution of 22 Arab countries in the United Nations on the grounds that it did not hold anyone responsible for the crisis, and only talked about stopping the fighting in the name of humanity.

But when Canada proposed reform of this proposal, India supported it along with 87 countries because it suggested holding Hamas responsible for the crisis. However, it could not be passed due to lack of sufficient support. If seen, India’s position is absolutely clear. For him, opposing international terrorism is the first priority. At the same time, it has not stopped supporting the suggested solution of creating a separate nation of Palestinians under the two-nation formula. India has also been called upon to stop fighting from both sides and create an environment for peace talks. India faced a similar diplomatic challenge during the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and even then it adopted a similar balanced approach.

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