dangerous roads

The latest report of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways regarding road accidents in India reveals the magnitude of the situation. Every hour 53 accidents occur in the country and 19 people die. Every day 1,264 accidents occur here and 462 people lose their lives. Last year, there were 4,61,312 accidents in the country and 1,68,491 people died. But, such figures have not come for the first time. In the year 2021, 1,55,622 people died in accidents. In the year 2017, 1,47,913 people died. That means, in recent times, about 1.5 lakh people are dying in road accidents every year.

There is a need to be more serious in efforts to stop road accidents and the resulting deaths. For example, three years ago, along with the rest of the world, India also witnessed the Corona epidemic. And then everyone from the government to the society waged a war against it and defeated Corona. However, Corona untimely snatched away about 5.25 lakh people in the last three years. But, in these three years, about four and a half lakh people died in road accidents. And these also include those years during the pandemic when the number of vehicles on the roads was limited. But, there is no fear or concern about accidents in the country like an epidemic. Perhaps a major reason for this is that accidents are considered to happen suddenly, over which humans have no control.

But, data proves that this thinking is wrong. In the year 2022, maximum (71.2 percent) people died in accidents due to overspeeding. After this, most of the people died due to driving on the wrong side. Speed ​​and driving on the right side of the road – both these factors are in the hands of humans only. The report also shows that most accidents (43.9 percent) and deaths (39.4 percent) occur on normal roads, that is, those that are not highways. Also, for the second consecutive year it has been revealed that the maximum number of accidents and deaths (44.5 percent) have occurred due to two-wheelers. After these, most of the people (19.5 percent) who lost their lives in accidents were common citizens present on the roads. The entire country needs to gear up to reduce the number of accidents. This can be controlled only with the strictness of the government and the wisdom of the common people.

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