Haunted Hill Station In India: This hill station of India is the most haunted, where whoever goes there is certain to die.

Dow Hill

Haunted Hill Station In India: India is a country rich in historical and cultural heritage which has a unique confluence of unity and diversity, but do you know that there is a hill station in India where if anyone goes at night, he dies. Let us know in detail about that haunted hill station.

Dow Hill

haunted hill station in india

In India, Dow Hill is said to be haunted. It is said that a large number of people had committed suicide here. It is also said that from December to March, the sound of someone’s footsteps is heard in Victoria Boys School, Dow Hill. It is forbidden to go into the forests of Dow Hill at night. If anyone goes, he dies. Although no evidence has yet been found regarding

Dow Hill

Where is Dow Hill?

Actually Dow Hill is in West Bengal. Dow Hill is near Kurseong Hill Station located in Darjeeling. It is called the scariest hill station of India. Dow Hill looks very beautiful during the day but as soon as night falls, silence spreads here. The horror stories of Dow Hill are quite famous.

Dow Hill

Ghosts wander in this hill station

It is said that ghosts wander in the forests of Down Hill. Many tourists here have seen the ghost of a decapitated child. Let us tell you that the distance from Darjeeling to Dow Hill is about 30 kilometers. If you are going here then be very careful before going out at night.

Dow Hill

What is the story of Dow Hill?

Let us tell you that there are many scary stories about Dow Hill.. Dow Hills is located on the top of Kurseong city. There is a very old Victoria Boys High School here. Which remains closed in winter because many scary sounds are heard here during winter.

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