Shani Margi 2023: Saturn will be in Aquarius, people of these zodiac signs will have good luck.

Shani Margi 2023: Saturn has an important place in Indian astrology. Saturn has been given a special status in astrology. Shanidev is said to be the giver of the fruits of karma and the magistrate of Kaliyuga. Among the nine planets, Saturn has the status of a judge. Along with this, he is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is the lord of Anuradha Nakshatra and Uttara Bhadrapada. At this time, Saturn is transiting in Aquarius but it is in retrograde state. Saturn owns both Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is the slowest moving planet among the nine planets. It takes two and a half years to change from one zodiac sign to another. . While Saturn badly affects a person’s life due to inauspicious effects, when it has an auspicious aspect, it takes one to a very high place i.e. transforms a person from a pauper to a king. It gives proper justice to the person. The house in which Saturn sits in the Saturn horoscope. They keep that house in good condition and give trouble to the people whom they look at. People who are suffering from Saturn’s Sadesati will get relief due to Saturn being direct.

When will Saturn turn direct?

Saturn is going to move direct in Aquarius at 26:26 on 4th November.

Know how the planets move in retrograde and direct motion

How are the paths of Saturn? All the planets in the solar system are far away from each other. All the planets revolve around the Sun. All the planets have different paths of revolution. The Earth also has a different path which revolves around the Sun. Sometimes the Earth passes fast next to a slow moving planet. The planets moving slowly are left behind. When any planet is moving in the opposite direction, it is called retrograde. The planet which moves in a straight direction is called direct. Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motion. The Sun and the Moon always move in the same direction.

How will Saturn affect the twelve zodiac signs of the horoscope?


For Aries people, Saturn will move in the house of profit, their income will be good. Your wishes will be fulfilled, your decision making ability will be strengthened. There will be promotion in the job, you will get support from officers. Health will be good. Saturn’s direction is going to be beneficial for you.

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People with Taurus zodiac sign, Saturn is moving direct in the place of Karma. There will be benefits in career and there will be increase in position and prestige. There will be profit from business, there will be family support. Income will be good. Investing will be profitable. Work load will be more. There will be ups and downs in father’s business. Pay attention to health.


People with Gemini zodiac sign are getting direct in the place of destiny. You also have Shani Bhagyesh, your work will speed up. Luck will be on your side. Your expenses will increase. You will have to work hard to improve your career. You will get respect from senior people. Along with your wife. There will be tension in the relationship. Pay attention to health.

Cancer zodiac sign

People with Cancer zodiac sign are being guided to the place of disease. You should be careful during work. Keep your speech under control while talking in friendship and family relations. People working in jobs are being careful. Expenses will increase and health will not be good.

Leo sun sign

People of Leo zodiac are moving towards the house related to marital life and stomach i.e. the seventh house. There will be ups and downs in your career. Colleagues will not support you. Do not change your work. Will give profit in business, do not travel, love relationship will be fine.

Virgo sun sign

For people of Virgo zodiac, Saturn is moving direct in the enemy house and disease house. Saturn will progress in job, there will be a possibility of traveling abroad, your reputation will increase. There will be a lot of profit in business. Financial situation will be good. There will be financial gain, share. Do not work in.

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Saturn is transiting in Libra, in the house of education and children. There will be progress in all work. Efforts made during work will be successful. There will be profit in work and business. Savings are going to be great. Family relationships will be strong. There will be benefits in the field of education. Romance will increase. Children will progress.


People with Scorpio zodiac sign are being guided in the sense of mother and happiness. You will get the benefit of land and building. You will remain on the run. Your concentration will decrease. Change of place of residence.

It is possible that you will have to work hard in your career. Mother’s health will be fine.


For Sagittarius people, Saturn is moving direct in the house of material happiness and siblings. It is going to be very favorable for you. You will benefit from financial aspect. You will get respect in the workplace. Career will be better, work with patience, you will progress. You will get support from brothers and sisters. Positive thoughts will be formed.


People with Capricorn sign will be positive in the sense of money, there will be progress in your fortune, family life will be happy. Chances of new job are being created, profit in business will be good. Income will be good. Control your speech while talking.


People of Aquarius zodiac sign are going direct in the passion house i.e. the first house, for which you will have to work a little hard, only then you will progress, you will be worried about job, travel will be possible, you will not be able to get support from colleagues in work. Disputes will increase in the family. Health will remain fine.


For Pisces people, Saturn will be direct in the house of expenses i.e. the twelfth house, so be careful at this time. You will not get support from officers. There will be a thought of change in job, you will be satisfied with business, do not do any new work.

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