What happened to Mahua Moitra in the Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha that the TMC MP said such a thing?

Mahua Moitra News|Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, who appeared before the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha on Thursday, walked out of the meeting with the opposition members. After this he made serious allegations against the committee. The flamboyant MP from Mamata Banerjee’s party has written a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker saying she was treated in an ‘unethical, indecent and prejudicial manner’ during her appearance before the Ethics Committee. Mahua Moitra said that committee chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar asked ‘indecent personal questions’. Whereas, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Dr Nishikant Dubey Has said that Mahua Moitra tried to create a wrong narrative about the proceedings of the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha. Looking at the evidence submitted by lawyer Jai Ananth Dehadrai, businessman Darshan Hiranandani, IT Ministry, Home Ministry and External Affairs Ministry, it can be said that ‘no power in the world’ can save Mahua Moitra.

Opposition members made allegations to save Mahua

Committee Chairman Vinod Sonkar said that the opposition members made allegations against her so that the Trinamool Congress MP could be saved from questions regarding Mahua Moitra’s ‘unethical conduct’. Facing allegations of taking bribe and asking questions in Parliament Mahua Moitra After leaving the meeting, Sonkar termed Sonkar’s questions as ‘vexatious’, while BJP MP Sonkar said the questions were related to businessman Darshan Hiranandani’s affidavit in which he admitted to bribing Moitra and using his parliamentary login ID. The matter was accepted.

There were fierce allegations and counter-allegations in the meeting that lasted for more than four hours.

There were sharp words and allegations and counter-allegations in the committee meeting which lasted for more than four hours. The committee can now formulate its recommendations and adopt a draft report at the next meeting. The date of the next meeting of the committee has not been decided yet. Sources said that this committee can recommend action against Mahua Moitra. Sources said that BJP MPs included in the committee continued the deliberations after the walkout of five opposition MPs and it is understood that they have taken seriously the angry words and non-cooperative attitude of Mahua Moitra. BJP has 15 members in the committee.

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BJP MP’s claim – Mahua behaved angrily, arrogantly and arrogantly

BJP MP and Ethics Committee member Aparajita Sarangi said that when Mahua Moitra was asked about Hiranandani’s affidavit, she behaved ‘angry, arrogant and arrogant’. Meanwhile, opposition members including Congress’ N Uttam Kumar Reddy, BSP’s Danish Ali and JDU’s Girdhari Yadav targeted Sonkar. Reddy accused Sonkar of acting at someone’s behest, while Ali targeted the committee chief for asking ‘indecent and unethical questions’.

Nishikant Dubey has already given evidence against Mahua

Opposition members also objected to the alleged leak of the report submitted to the committee by the Union Ministry of Information Technology and Home Ministry regarding Moitra’s parliamentary ID and several details including the location and time of her log-in on her foreign trip. The committee had sought help from ministries to investigate this. He claimed that BJP MP Nishikant Dubey, who filed the complaint against Mahua Moitra, has already shared some details. Dr Dubey, who became MP from Godda in Jharkhand for the third time, on Wednesday cited ‘media reports’ that his login ID was opened 47 times from Hiranandani’s location in Dubai and the same number of questions were asked in Parliament. (with agency input)

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