Apple Alert Row: Central government sent notice to Apple on message controversy, said – we will call experts and get the investigation done

Apple Alert Row:Apple alert message on mobile phones of India’s opposition MPs (Apple Alert Message) has started action on behalf of the Central Government. A notice has also been sent to Apple regarding this. After this the company has come into action. The company has said that it will stand firmly on its side after the investigation. On the notice of the Central Government, Apple has said that it will call experts from outside and investigate the entire matter. After this, complete information will be given regarding the information received. Opposition MPs have accused the central government of espionage. However, the government has said in the matter that cyber security agency CERT-In has started investigating this entire episode. A notice has also been sent to the company. However, company officials have not given any official statement in the matter. Whereas, company sources said that Apple India officials and team are taking the matter seriously and are in constant touch with the headquarters. If needed, those teams tasked with privacy and devices will be involved in the investigation.

what is the whole matter

Opposition MPs had claimed that the message had come on their Apple mobile phone. It was written in this message that state sponsored hackers were trying to hack his phone. Since then the country’s politics has become heated. In a statement issued on October 31, Apple had said that the warning message received by the lawmakers did not link them to any specific government-sponsored attackers and that it could not provide information about what caused the warning. Apple said the company does not hold any specific attacker responsible for the threat reports. State-sponsored attackers are very well nurtured, sophisticated and developed over time.

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Apple’s share in India is low, but there is more scope there: Tim Cook

Chief Executive Officer of Apple (ceoTerming India as a key focus of the company, Tim Cook said that the technology giant’s share in the country’s big market is low, while there is a lot of scope and positivity there. Cook said on the sidelines of an event on Thursday that all-time revenue was earned in India. We strengthened by double digits. This is an incredibly exciting market for us and we are paying priority attention there. He said that Apple has a small market share and hence it seems that there is a lot of potential there. Cook said this in response to a question on the pace and growth of hardware units in India. He emphasized that Apple sees an extraordinary market in India. Many people are coming into the middle class category, distribution is getting better, there are a lot of positives. The company has set up two retail stores in Mumbai and Delhi. On this Cook said that they are performing better than our expectations. It’s still early days, but they’ve made a good start and I’m quite happy with the way things are going at the moment.

Apple gets record revenue in India

Apple announced financial results for its fourth quarter of fiscal year 2023 ending September 30. The company recorded revenue of US $ 89.5 billion this quarter. This is one percent less than last year, when the revenue was US $ 90.1 billion. Cook said that Apple achieved record revenue so far in India. Also, record revenue was achieved in the September quarter in many countries including Brazil, Canada, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. To a question on comparison between Apple’s growth pace in India and China over the past few years, Cook said that the situation in each country is different and comparisons should not be made.

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