UT 69 Movie Review: What was the ultimate purpose of making Raj Kundra’s film…read the review here

Movie – UT 69

Producer – Raj Kundra

Director – Shahnawaz Hussain

Artist – Raj Kundra and others


Platform- Cinema Theater

In the year 2021, actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was arrested in the pornography case. Raj Kundra got bail about two months after his arrest. After which he was always seen hiding his face in a mask. After the announcement of UT 69 film, he also removed his face mask. After which it seemed that Raj Kundra will show many other aspects in his film including the pornography case, the reasons for hiding his face behind a mask for almost a year, but this film does not answer these questions. The makers of the film may have an excuse that the film is under production but then the question arises that why did Raj Kundra decide to make this film. If he has made this film with the intention of getting sympathy or to clean his image, then he has completely failed in it.

This story is hollow

Talking about the story of the film, the story of Raj Kundra’s 67 days in jail has been told in a complete two-hour film. How pitiful his condition was in jail. On his birthday, he had cut Sonpapadi cake. Had eaten bad jail food. Due to which his stomach got upset. He lived on biscuits and bought water from the jail canteen. Raj Kundra had to sleep among several hundred prisoners. This was really an issue on which a film needed to be made. In every other scene of the film, including the toilet scene, there are sounds related to it, which do not make one laugh. The film just tries to show the pitiful condition of other undertrial prisoners, but has not been able to show anything in the film that will touch your heart. Physical abuse in jail and many other aspects have been shown very sensitively in many films and web series. This film only touches upon them superficially. However, at the end of the film it is definitely written on the screen that Raj Kundra would like to do something about the undertrial prisoners. Shilpa Shetty is present in this film, she keeps coming and going in the film through the footage of her reality show. Her voice is also heard in the film, but she has not been able to add anything special to this film.

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Raj Kundra looks comfortable in acting

Talking about acting, the film is of Raj Kundra. The story is his and his money is also involved in the film, so he is in every frame from beginning to end. The story of the film is bad and so is its treatment but it cannot be denied that he is comfortable on screen. The remaining characters of the film have also done justice to their respective roles.

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