Ninth class girl dies of cardiac arrest, know how different it is from heart attack

A news is coming out from Gujarat which has become the center of discussion. Actually, a 15-year-old girl studying in class 9 died on Friday in Amreli city of Gujarat. It is being told that the girl died due to cardiac arrest while entering the examination hall of the school. The deceased was identified as Sakshi Rajosara, a native of Jasdan taluka of Rajkot, who collapsed in the classroom at Shantaba Gajera School in the morning. Sakshi was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state where doctors declared her dead. The girl’s body has been sent for postmortem to find out the exact cause of death. Let us tell you that in the last few months, concern has been raised over the increasing incidents of cardiac arrest among the youth in Gujarat, especially in Rajkot.

What is cardiac arrest?

Talking about cardiac arrest, when a person’s heart stops beating and it is not able to supply blood to the rest of the body, then that condition is called cardiac arrest. When a person suffers cardiac arrest, he becomes unconscious within minutes. At this time, people present around the patient need to be alert. This is because if treatment is not received immediately, the patient may even die.

Know the reason for cardiac arrest

According to what is said about cardiac arrest, it can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes heart attack can also be a reason for this. Apart from this, if a person’s heart muscles are weak then he is also at risk of cardiac arrest. Let us tell you that heart attack is very different from cardiac arrest. This is said to be less dangerous than cardiac arrest. When there is a problem in the arteries that supply blood to the human heart. Or we can say that the arteries get 100 percent blocked, in that case the person suffers from heart attack.

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What are the symptoms of heart attack?

Talking about heart attack, many types of symptoms are seen in humans just before it occurs. In these, a person experiences chest pain or feels heaviness in the chest. Apart from this, breathlessness, sweating or vomiting are also some of its other symptoms. If we look at the reasons for heart attack, the bad lifestyle of a person is one of them. Nowadays, people’s wrong eating habits or not getting proper sleep are also the reasons for heart attack. Not only this, not exercising can be a common cause of heart attack.

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