Chas Sub-Divisional Hospital itself is ill, how will the patients be treated, the building was built in 1980, the situation becomes worse in the rains

  • 43 year old building has become dilapidated, no one knows where which structure will collapse.

Ranjit Kumar, Bokaro: Chas Sub-Divisional Hospital itself needs treatment. The lives of the doctors, health workers working here and the patients coming for treatment are always in danger. No one will know when which structure of the hospital will collapse. The building is quite old. The situation becomes worse after a little rain. After rain, the effect of water lasts for several months. Bad smell emanates from the walls of every room. The risk of falling ill remains equal for the treating doctor and the patient. Chas Sub-Divisional Hospital was constructed in the year 1980.

At present many departments are running in the 15 room hospital. The verandah on the lower floor has registration counter, OPD, medicine dispensing room, pathology centre, operation theatre, labor room, indoor ward for patient treatment, NICU room, doctor’s rest room, toilet-bathroom for patients. Administrative office room and nurse residential room are available on the upper floor. The irony is that the unused items of the hospital have been dumped on the roof of the hospital itself. The condition of the roof has become worse due to garbage. Around 60 manpower is employed in the hospital. This includes doctors, health workers, sanitation workers etc. The condition of the accommodation built on the campus is quite dilapidated. Somehow some employees use the accommodation. They are risking their lives. Many residences are not being used out of fear. The post mortem house is built in the hospital campus itself. Where post mortem of the dead body is being done daily. The irony is that the health department is not able to even construct a building for its working doctors, health workers and patients coming for treatment. Seeing the dilapidated building from the office several times, former DS Dr. Vikas Kumar corresponded for a new building. Nothing happened.

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hospital After getting information about the status of the building, we will immediately correspond with the headquarters for the new building. At present everyone needs to work with caution.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Civil Surgeon, Bokaro

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