If you use a smartphone, then these 7 codes will keep your mobile safe, calls, data or number will not be hacked.

Lucknow. There are crores of smartphone users across the country. If smartphone users keep track of the secret codes of their phones, they will not become victims of cyber crime. Although the list of secret codes of smartphones is quite long, the National Crime Investigation Bureau has released a list of such important codes. It is very important for you to know these secret codes.

01- *#21#: With the help of this secret code, you can know whether your call, data or number has been forwarded to any other number.

2- #0#: With the help of this secret code, you can find out whether your phone’s display, speaker, camera, sensor is working properly by dialing it or not.

3- *#07#: This secret code tells the SAR value of your phone. Meaning, with its help you can get information about the radiation emanating from the phone. The essence value should always be less than 1.6.

4- *#06#: With the help of this secret code you can find out your IMEI number. This IMEI number is needed in case the phone is lost.

5- ##4636##: You can know the information about your smartphone’s battery, internet, WiFi with this secret code.

6- ##34971539##: You can know the camera information of your smartphone with this secret code. You will also know whether your camera is working properly or not.

7- 2767*3855# If you type this secret code on your dial pad, it will reset your smartphone. Keep in mind that after resetting the phone’s data will be lost. Therefore, save the data somewhere and then dial.

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