Chhattisgarh: Candidates increased like this, know how many deposits were confiscated in which election.

Chhattisgarh Election 2023: chhattisgarh assembly elections The number of candidates increased every time. But, the number of candidates in the 2023 elections has declined. This time 1,181 candidates are trying their luck. Voting in the first phase is on November 7, in which 223 candidates are contesting for 20 assembly seats, while 958 candidates are contesting in the second phase of voting to be held on November 17. For the first time in this state, which came into existence after being separated from Madhya Pradesh, assembly elections were held for 90 seats in the year 2003. There were 819 candidates in the fray. 757 men and 62 women. Of these, 85 men and 5 women won. The security deposit of Rs 615 was confiscated. 568 male candidates lost their deposits, while 47 female candidates lost their deposits.

Number of women candidates increased to 94

In the year 2008, more candidates contested the election as compared to the year 2003. This time the number of candidates increased to 1066. The number of both male and female candidates increased. This time 972 men contested the elections, so the women contesting the elections number of women It increased to 94. The number of women candidates increased by one and a half times. At the same time, the number of women winning elections increased by more than 100 percent. This time 11 women won the assembly elections. The number of male MLAs was 79. The deposits of 871 candidates, including 796 men and 73 women, were confiscated.

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The number of candidates decreased in the elections held in 2013.

Now let’s talk about the year 2013 chhattisgarh assembly elections of. This time there was a slight decline in the number of candidates. There were less male candidates and also fewer female candidates. For the first time, two third gender candidates also contested the elections. However, the bail of both of them was confiscated. There were 986 candidates in the fray, including 901 men and 83 women. Of these, 80 men and 10 women won the assembly elections. The deposits of 796 candidates, including 735 men and 59 women, were confiscated.

Four third gender candidates in 2018 elections

Assembly elections were held in the year 2018, a maximum of 1269 candidates contested. There were also four third gender candidates. The number of male candidates crossed one thousand for the first time. This time the number of male candidates was 1133 and the number of female candidates was 132. Of these, 77 men and 13 women won. The deposits of all four third gender candidates were forfeited. 1063 candidates including 957 men and 102 women lost their deposits.

Voting takes place on 90 seats

Let us tell you that assembly elections are held for 90 seats in Chhattisgarh. One member is nominated. Since the formation of Chhattisgarh state, assembly elections have been held four times. In this, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has been formed thrice. Dr. Raman Singh became the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh every time. In the 2018 elections, Congress had defeated BJP. BJP, which had won 49 seats in 2013, was reduced to 15 seats.

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