Jharkhand: Playing with Kharkai river, contract company dumping road waste in water, anger among people

Jamshedpur: During the construction of the road on Kadma Toll Bridge, the contract company building it is dropping its broken parts (debris) directly into the Kharkai river with the excavator. Due to this the pollution of the river is increasing. Tata Steel And the contract company and contractors of Adityapur Toll Bridge Corporation Limited (ATBCL), a joint venture of AIDA, are doing this. There is anger among the people due to this action of the contractor. Local people made a video of this and made it viral on social media. Not only this, a complaint has also been made to Kadma police. It has been said in the complaint that the river is being played with and a case should be registered for harming the environment. The issue of dumping garbage in the river is being considered very sensitive and a matter of great negligence because a lot of mess has already been made with the river. There is also a ban on building roads near the river banks because bitumen and other chemicals are very dangerous and pollute the river a lot.

Action will be taken against the culprit: ATBCL

Adityapur Toll Bridge Corporation Limited has issued a statement saying that ATBCL is repairing the road through its vendors. Such irresponsible incident is being investigated and action will be taken. ATBCL is committed to adhere to environmental standards and permanent arrangements are being made for disposal of waste.

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A big crime is being committed against the river: Dinesh Mishra

Dinesh Mishra, an environmentalist and leader of the Kosi River Movement, said that he himself lives in Jamshedpur. In such a situation, I am feeling quite scared after seeing this. This is a crime. This is a big crime to be committed against the river.

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