VIDEO: Akshat, who was worshiped from the birthplace of Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya, received a grand welcome in Ranchi, this is how the worship was done in Ram temple.

Akshat, worshiped from the Shri Ram temple birthplace of Ayodhya, was brought to Ranchi on Monday. On coming to Ranchi, under the leadership of Ranchi Metropolitan President Kailash Keshari, Shri Ram Mandir Chutiya was brought to Shri Ram Mandir Chutiya near Bahubazar Chowk with a warm welcome by showering flowers and musical instruments. Ramgarh district minister Chhotu Verma, Ramgarh co-minister Tarun Verma, Ramgarh city campaigner Sanjeev and ABVP worker Gautam Mahato had gone to Ayodhya as Jharkhand representative to bring Pujit Akshat. Metropolitan President Kailash Keshari said that from Tuesday, intact urns will be kept in major temples of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, for worship and aarti. Provincial Minister of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Dr. Birendra Sahu said that the worshiped Akshat brought from Ayodhya will be sent to all the districts of Jharkhand province. In Sanatan tradition, yellow Akshat (rice) is invited only. This Akshat will be sent to all the district centers in the month of December. Social Harmony Head Mithileshwar Mishra said that it is a matter of good fortune for us that the temple of Shri Ram Lala is being built in our lifetime. There was a celebration on the return of Lord Shri Ram from exile after 14 years, similarly this time also the festival will be celebrated in the temples of the entire country including Jharkhand. Ramgarh District Minister Chhotu Verma, who brought the intact urn from Ayodhya, said that bringing the urn from Ayodhya was the most important moment of our life. We have had the privilege of worshiping Akshat with the representatives from all over the country and bringing the worshiped Akshat to Jharkhand. Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Provincial Organization Minister Devi Singh, Provincial Minister Dr. Birendra Sahu, Provincial Co-Minister Ranganath Mahato, Social Harmony Provincial Chief Mithileshwar Mishra, Publicity Promotion Provincial Co-Chief Prakash Ranjan, Ranchi Metropolitan President Kailash Keshari, Ramgarh Minister Chhotu Verma, Mahant Gokul Das, Many Ram devotees including Vikram Sahu, Ratan Keshari, Santosh Kumar, Renu Singh, Subham Keshari, Goldie Sahu, Ashish Sahu, Shivlal Sahu, Akshay Keshari, Amit Keshari, Lucky Nayak welcomed Akshat Kalash.

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